Home Article Who Is David Sentendrey's Wife? Is He Married Or Single?

Who Is David Sentendrey's Wife? Is He Married Or Single?

Updated On 23 Jan, 2023 Published On 02 Feb, 2021
Who Is David Sentendrey's Wife? Is He Married Or Single?

David Sentendrey has had his life sorted out. The career-driven man works for Fox 4 Dallas and has established himself as a notable journalist. But it looks like something might be missing in Sentendrey's life. Perhaps, romance?

Is David Sentendrey Married Or Single?

FOX 4 News Dallas Fort Worth anchor David Sentendrey loves what he does. He appreciates his work, music, Basketball, and whatnot. He is even active on social media, such as his Instagram page, where he often shares his whereabouts.

Fox 4 News anchor David Sentendrey. SOURCE: Instagram

But, to jump to the real question, is Sentendrey married? Or is he in a relationship with his girlfriend? Or, is the Ohio native still a Bachelor? So, what are the chances?

Interestingly, as for someone like Sentendrey, who enjoys showcasing their onscreen and offscreen life shenanigans on social media, he is extremely private about his love life. While there rarely has been a rumor of Sentendrey dating anyone, he also has not spoken about his relationship status.

Needless to say, it's assured Sentendrey is either single or yet to meet the love of his life. And, when the Emmy-winning reporter finds love and gets into courtship, Sentendrey will let his followers know. As per Factsprofile, he is romantically involved with his girlfriend, Natalie Haddad.

Fox News Reporter David Sentendrey is a big fan of Dachshunds. SOURCE: Instagram

Until then, Sentendrey will continue to rock his work and do things he is passionate about, including traveling and caring for his fur baby, aka a Dachshund named Ralph.

More About David Sentendrey - Age & Family Background

News reporter David Sentendrey, best known for working with the Fox News Company, is currently in his mid-thirties but has accomplished great deals with his profession in the journalism field.

David Sentendrey and his younger brother, John Sentendrey. SOURCE: Instagram

From working as a writer for The Enquirer Journal and Examiner to landing a job for Fox 46 Charlotte as an Investigative Reporter for six years that won him an Emmy to transferring to FOX 4 News, Sentendrey has progressed much. Other reporters from FOX 4 News are Lori Brown and Blake Hanson.

David also grew up with a little brother named John Sentendrey in Weddington, Ohio. The graduate of Appalachian State University, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in Communication, is also a musician.

And, as a musician, Sentendrey performs as a Bassist and has worked with Colby Dobbs's Band. Other than that, Sentendrey supports the paleo diet to maintain his health.

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