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Fun Facts Of Ellie Thumann - How Much Does The Vlogger Make?

Updated On 09 Mar, 2021 Published On 26 Dec, 2020
Fun Facts Of Ellie Thumann - How Much Does The Vlogger Make?

From being a content creator to making it to become an international model, talk about the success of Ellie Thumann. And, here's what you can know about the achiever.

Vlogging To Modeling - How Ellie Thumann Rose To Fame

Ellie Thumann was merely a fourteen years old teenager when she walked on her coming of age phase and got hooked up with the internet. And like many young content creators, Thumann began showcasing her creative skills on the internet by making DIY videos and trendy fashion and styles content.

Not to mention, Ellie had also been keen to share vlogs about her personal life which she still does on her YouTube channel where she surpassed 2 million subscriber in 2020. Through her hard work and determination, Thumann managed to succeed from the video sharing platform and garnered millions of fans.

Before she knew it, Ellie Thumann then hit the jack hotpot when she was discovered by IMG Models Worldwife. And, from right there, she soon began walking Fashion ramps and promoting brands that paid her big. But, how much does Ellie Thumann make? Does she really make in millions as many reports claimed?

Net Worth & Earning Of Ellie Thumann

There is not one single doubt about Ellie Thumann not receiving a fat paycheck from YouTube and her modelling agencies. To realize how Ellie Thumann has been working from young age herself, not only did she make hefty sum of money but also savings.

Ellie, from her YouTube channel, can be expected have no less than $200,000. And, as if she wasn't already in her bags, Thumann increased her incomes when she formally began modeling at only eighteen and worked with The Agency Arizona. Today, she is also repped by the reputed IMG Models Worldwide.

Ellie might not make millions like the highest paid supermodels Kendall Jenner with a net worth of $45 million and Gigi Hadid who bags a net worth of almost $30 million, but she still earns in thousands. Ellie Thumann can be expected to hold a net worth of more than $300,000.

With her earnings, the rich girl afforded to drive expensive cars in the likes of Mazda 3 which cost no less than $22,000. Not to mention, Thumann also makes extra money by endorsing brands such as Nike and Zara on social media.

Ellie Thumann Has A Sister - Who Is She?

Originally from Arizona where Ellie Thumann was born and raised, she lives there with her siblings. FYI, Ellie also owns an apartment in Los Angeles. Well, Ellie isn't the only child of her parents, as she also has a sister, Erin Thumann and a brother named Will Thumann.

A family picture of Ellie Thumann with her sister Erin and brother Will. SOURCE: Pinterest

Both of her sister and brother have made appearances on many of Ellie's YouTube videos including 'my brother turns me into a gamer.... Minecraft baby' and 'Sister Tag'. Thanks to Ellie's fame, Erin and Will also earned internet clouts through their sister.

In the meantime, aside from making YouTube contents and modelling, Ellie still lives like any normal teenagers. She currently goes to the University of Arizona and will possibly graduate in the year 2023.

Additionally, the gorgeous Ellie Thumann is currently single in Decemer 2020 but has been rumored to have dated fellow influencer Mario Selman in May 2020.

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