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Actress Emily Donahoe Shares A Child With Husband Michael O'Keefe

Updated On 18 Jan, 2021 Published On 18 Jan, 2021
Actress Emily Donahoe Shares A Child With Husband Michael O'Keefe

2010 was a turning point for actress and film producer Emily Donahoe. It was the year when Donahoe was destined to meet her soulmate, actor Michael O'Keefe and start a new chapter of her life full of new hope and love. And, ten years year, the husband and wife have built such a beautiful life together.

Emily Donahoe Met Husband Michael O'Keefe In Spain

A notable award-winning theatre actress, Emily Donahoe couldn't be more content to live a life full of love and happiness. And her husband, Michael O'keefe who is also an actor best known for his performance in Caddyshack has a big role on it.

Actress Emily Donahoe alongside husband Michael O'Keefe at the premiere of Inside Game. SOURCE: Twitter

Donahoe and her soulmate has been blissfully married for almost ten years, but together for eleven years. Well, how did Donahoe and O'Keefe's world clashed together at a time when O'Keefe was in his mid-fifties?

Age is obviously not a big concern when the hearts match. And, as chemistry and understanding developed between these two, nothing was going to stop them from developing romance. Anyway, their love story all began in 2010 in Europe when the Homeland actress jetted off to Barcelona, Spain.

What Happened Next? Donahoe Confessed Her Feelings

Of course, it was a date and the first time met in person. Besides, it was August, a summer and romantic weather that made everything even more special. Needless to say, both of them were captivated by each other's personalities.

Husband and wife, Emily Donahoe and Michael O'Keefe are often spotted together at public events. SOURCE: Pinterest

It's safe to say that Emily Donahoe and Michael O'Keefe had already been smitten since their first date. The only thing left to do was admit their feelings, but that happened sooner too. So, a week later, Michael and Emily decided to meet again for another date and parted ways as Michael needed to fly to France.

Of course, the two couldn't wait for their next meeting and the anticipated day finally arrived a week later when Emily landed in the most romantic city of the world aka Paris. As they couldn't stay away from each other, they got more time to know about each other as Emily stayed for another five days.

Apparently, Donahoe stayed at the Boulevard St. Germain based hotel in La Louisianne. And, what's impressive about their early romance is the fact that neither of the actors played childish about their feelings. And, during a date at Sacre de Coer, Paris, Emily boldly admitted her strong love for her then-new boyfriend. Likewise, the rest is history.

Emily Donahoe & Michael O'Keefe Get Hitched

Surprisingly, the California-born actress and her boyfriend Michael O'Keefe were still going stronger together a year later. And, as O'Keefe was certain Emily Donahoe was the one, he didn't hesitate to pop the question. After all, why would he as he never gave up on finding love again and what he needed was right there?

Emily Donahoe with her son Aidan O'Keefe, husband Michael O'Keefe & mother in law, Stephanie O'Keefe. SOURCE: Twitter

Exactly a year later on 18th September 2011, then engaged couple Donahoe and O'Keefe walked down the aisle in an intimate wedding ceremony. And, shortly after their marriage, Emily and her husband were blessed with the fantastic news that they were going to become parents.

Donahoe and her partner welcomed their first child, a son who they named Aidan O'Keefe a year later in November 2012. The family of three lives in between New York and California. And, in 2021, Donahoe will cherish the tenth year of her blissful wedding.

Meanwhile, Donahoe is the second wife of her husband who was previously married to his first wife, singer Bonnie Raitt in 1991. But, O'Keefe and Raitt who shared no children ended their marriage in 1999.

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