Home Article Father Of Two; Max Thieriot Is Happily Married To Lexi Murphy

Father Of Two; Max Thieriot Is Happily Married To Lexi Murphy

Updated On 07 Jun, 2023 Published On 09 Feb, 2020
Father Of Two; Max Thieriot Is Happily Married To Lexi Murphy

It's not every day you hear about people falling in love as teenagers and making it count for a long time.

Well, we don't know about you, but the multi-faceted actor Max Thieriot has been in love with her long-term partner, Lexi Murphy for more than a decade.

Max Thieriot & His Wife Met As A Teenager

In his late teenage years, the Bates Motel actor where he played the role of Dylan Massett flew to the Caribbeans where he had no idea that his life was going to take a big turn, but in a positive way.

Max Thieriot and his long-term girlfriend, Lexy Murphy met in the Caribbeans for the first time. SOURCE: Ace Showbiz

Well, yes, it was indeed at the Caribbeans where Thieriot laid his eyes for the first time on Lexi, who would later become his girlfriend and future wife, and someone he would start a family with.

And, with his performance in films like The Pacifier co-starring Vin Diesel, and Catch That Kid co-starring Kristen Stewart, wouldn't anyone be impressed when such actors approach you? Anyway, that's when their relationship began.

The then-young love birds immediately fell for each other. Interestingly, the actor didn't even let his career get involved between him and his girlfriend. Thieriot and Murphy remained together for the next seven years before their engagement.

Thieriot & Murphy Ties The Knot

The Disconnect actor popped the question in 2012 at the age of only twenty-four in the Caribbean to make it special. And, a year later, the duo wed on June 31st, 2013 at the Lake Tahoe-based Ritz Carlton.

Max Thieriot and his long-term girlfriend wed in 2013 in Lake Tahoe. SOURCE: Pinterest

Max stunned in a black tuxedo whilst his beautiful bride shined in an off-shoulder gown for their special day. And, for the record, Stewart was among one of the guests to attend the intimate nuptial ceremony.

Two years later, Thieriot and his wife became parents for the first time when they welcomed their first son who they named Beaux Thieriot in December 2015. And making their family of three become four, the Thieriot had their second child, Maximus Thiwriot in 2018.

Max Thieriot pictured with her sons; Beaux Thieriot and Maximus Theriot. SOURCE: Max Thieriot Instagram

In the meantime, Max and his family reside in California where he was born and bred.

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