Home Article Father To One, Peter DeLuise Married Anne Marie DeLuise In 2002; Divorced From Gina Nemo

Father To One, Peter DeLuise Married Anne Marie DeLuise In 2002; Divorced From Gina Nemo

Updated On 06 Feb, 2020 Published On 05 Feb, 2020
Father To One, Peter DeLuise Married Anne Marie DeLuise In 2002; Divorced From Gina Nemo

Sometimes, marriages don't work as you had dreamed or planned. But, that's alright, though. Because the person meant to be in your life will eventually come into your life to stay and never leave.

And, just like that, the one in a million of an actor Peter DeLuise has been married twice. His marriage to his first wife, however, couldn't work out. But, hey, it was because his happy ending existed with someone else.

Peter DeLuise's First Marriage To Gina Nemo

Although DeLuise and actress Gina Nemo shared a rocky relationship, in the end, it was still beautiful throughout the four blissful years whilst it lasted. As a matter of fact, Peter and Gina met for the first time whilst working on the set of 21 Jump Street co-starring Johnny Depp and Michael Bendetti.

Peter DeLuise & his first wife, Gina Nemo, pictured on their engagement. SOURCE: EG Pictures

Things moved pretty forward between the former couple, as within a year, Peter and Gina were ready to walk down the aisle. Not to mention, they were pictured by photographer Eddie Garcia who the actor met at an event organized by M.A.D.D in California.

And, with having an elite photographer take their pictures for not just their engagement but for their wedding too, their special days were no less than a fairytale.

Peter DeLuise & his first wife, Gina Nemo were married for four years till 1992. SOURCE: EG Pictures

Speaking of which, Gina rocked a really stylish white bridal dress with puff sleeves accompanied by a dramatic veil to exchange the marital vows with Peter on 29th December 2018 at the Sunset Country Club. Unfortunately, Peter and Gina could only keep up with their vows for four years until 1992 the year they divorced.

DeLuise Is Now Married To Anne Marie Loder

Following his separation from Gina, Canadian actress Anne Marie Loder entered Peter's life and became someone the film director would never be able to imagine his life without her.

Happily married; Peter DeLuise and wife, Anne Marie Deluise on their wedding day in 2002. SOURCE: Famous Fix

As for Loder, she is prominent for her appearance in films such as Fifty Shades of Grey and When Calls the Heart. Anyway, DeLuise and Loder didn't walk down the aisle until 2002 on the beautiful day of 2nd June.

Two years later of their wedding on 11th April 2003, DeLuise and his wife then welcomed their first and only child, a son who they named Jake Dominick DeLuise. The family of three happily resides in between the US and Canada.

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