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Miracle Birth Of Felix Handelman; Son of Elizabeth Banks & Max Handelman

Updated On 07 Sep, 2020 Published On 16 Aug, 2020
Miracle Birth Of Felix Handelman; Son of Elizabeth Banks & Max Handelman

Felix Handelman is one of the greatest blessings in actress Elizabeth Banks and her husband Max Handelman's life. And, there is a specific reason behind too.

Felix Handelman Was Born Via Surrogacy

The first child of Charlie's Angels actors Max Handelman and his wife actress Elizabeth Banks aka Felix Handelman was born in 2011. However, his parents didn't bear easy luck to have him considering the fact that he is also their first child.

Felix's mother and father married in 2000 and the couple struggled for years to start their own family. Elizabeth also opted for various scientific procedures to cure her infertility to conceive a child but failed. Finally, Elizabeth and her husband decided to try on the gestational surrogacy procedure. 

Felix Handelman was born through surrogacy. SOURCE: Sabdesi

Thankfully this time, luck favored their side. And, in 2011 after years of almost losing faith to have their own offsprings, Handelman and Banks welcomed Felix Handelman through a surrogate mother who agreed to keep her identity a secret.

As of 2020, Felix is nine years old and can be often spotted with his parents in public places. After all, he has all the spotlight attention on him. On the other hand, Felix isn't the only child of his parents.

Felix Is A Big Brother To Magnus Mitchell Handelman

Since Felix Handelman is the first child of his parents, he is an elder brother to his 20 months younger sibling, a brother named Magnus Mitchell Handelman. Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman welcomed Magnus in 2012 over a year later since they had Felix.

Felix Handelman and her brother Magnus Handelman. SOURCE: Pinterest

As a matter of fact, Magnus was also welcomed through a gestational surrogate mother in November. At the time, the happy mother of two had taken to her website to share the exciting news with her fans.

In addition, both Felix and Magnus reside in Sherman Oaks Los Angeles with their parents by practicing Judaism, the faith Banks and Handelman follow. However, prioritizing the importance of privacy, Felix's parents keep them safe and away from the limelight as possible as they can.

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