Dagen McDowell is one of the talented and gorgeous anchors on the Fox Business Network who hosts morning news "Markets Now" along with Connell McShane.

After divorcing her ex-husband, Dagen is now happily with her longtime boyfriend and now husband Jonas Max Ferris.

But what was the reason behind her divorce? Was it based on mutual understanding or was it irreconcilable? Let's find out!  

Dagen McDowell's unsuccessful first marriage

Prior marrying her loving husband Jonas, Dagen was married to her first husband for quite a long time. But unfortunately, this relationship did not last long and the pair filed for a divorce in 2004.

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Details of their married life have not been exclusively shared by Dagen, and reason behind their divorce is still a mystery. 


Source: Famousfix

Some sources reported that Dagen was already seeing her husband of now, Jonas when she was a married woman. 

This illegitimate affair ultimately became the reason behind their separation. However, there has not been plausible evidence regarding this matter.

Dagen and Jonas Max were having an affair

Dagen and Jonas worked together for Fox news channel and they first encountered each other while hosting a regular segment on mutual funds called "Fund Faceoff" and eventually ended up falling for each other.

Dagen was still struggling with her crumbling marriage and this obviously became the fuel to their burning marriage. Finally, she got divorced from her first husband in 2004.

Married life of Dagen and Jonas

Mary Dagen and Jonas Max officially tied their knot in the year 2006. Since then, they are celebrating their togetherness every year and it's hoped that there are many more years to come as well.


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Jonas, who is working as an economist, investor advisor, and economic analyst, is a loving and supporting husband in personal as well as professional matters. Since both are working on the same field with similar interests, they understand

Since both are working on the same field with similar interests, they understand each other very well and make a wonderful couple together.

How the couple met?

On an interview with Southern Views magazine in 2006, Dagen told the sources how she and Jonas met for the first time.

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She said that more than five years ago, on Jonas's show Cashin' In, the producers kept Ferris and Dagen together on a regular segment on mutual funds called Fund Faceoff assuming that they'd argue together about the funds which they apparently did but off camera, they got along really well.



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Rumors regarding their divorce or split up is out of the question right now and there has also not been any gossips about their affairs outside their marriage.

They don’t have a child at this moment and they never said anything about any future plans. They are both making sure that privacy is maintained in their personal lives.

Although they don't have a child together, they've adopted a Chihuahua together and named it "Ramon". Isn't this so adorable?


What would a doggie wig look like?

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Here's also a video of Dagen McDowell and Tracy Byrnes with guest host Jonas Max Ferris talking on FOX Business live.

Well, all we can see is the duo have found the perfect balance between their professional and personal life and have become strong partners.

We hope that Dagen and Jonas soon start a family and live a happy life talking about family times other than home prices, investments, borrowing, spending and so on.

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