Home Article Is Gillian Turner engaged to her secret Boyfriend. Find out more about her current relationship

Is Gillian Turner engaged to her secret Boyfriend. Find out more about her current relationship

Updated On 22 Aug, 2017 Published On 09 Jul, 2017
Is Gillian Turner engaged to her secret Boyfriend. Find out more about her current relationship

Giliian Turner hid her secret Boyfriend from the public. Is she going to get Married. Find out more

Gillian Turner is a known face for many of you people who tune into Fox News regularly. She is the talented host, contributor, and VP and her persona on screen make her one of the most sought-after hosts and reporters in American News Industry.

Well, we all know about her outstanding career and achievements, what we don't know is all the details about her personal life.

Could she be dating anyone right now? If you want to know about the current relationship status of the 34-years-old news contributor, keep scrolling below!

Gillian Turner happily engaged to her secret boyfriend: Find out more about her current relationship

Gillian Turner is secretly engaged to her boyfriend. If there's anyone who'll win an award for hiding details about their personal life then it'll be Gillian.   

Gillian Turner while reporting, Source: Fox News

This beautiful and talented administrator knows how to keep her personal life a big mystery for fans.

Like there's no trace of her rumored boyfriend, but it's confirmed that she's engaged to someone. But who?? Well, we just have to wait till she spills the beans herself.

Gillian with one of her colleagues during an event, Source: BBC News

Well, what do we know, maybe her so-called fiance is one of the big shots in the media or involved in politics. These are all speculations though!!

Winner of the 2016 50 Most Beautiful Women

We all know how beautiful she is, and it's not a shock that she got her name on the 2016's 50 most beautiful women's list.

The Beautiful Gillian, Source: ATC

When she knew that her name is on the list, she humbly said, 

This is a younger person’s game.”

Even if you say that Gillian, we all know how beautiful you are and on top of that, your humility is one of the main highlights of your personality.

As if it was not enough, she also got into the list of Sexiest Television People in 2015. The list also included the name of big media personalities like David Muir, Don Lemon, and Jedediah Bila.

Well, for now, she's engaged guys. 

Gillian with Heather Childers

Goes and weeps into the corner!...But let's not get ahead of yourself. 

Although she said "I am engaged", perhaps she meant she's engaged to us. That can also be a reasonable example as to why she didn't reveal about her boyfriend.

Many of her fans even speculated that theory while replying to her tweet on Twitter.

Maybe yes or maybe not, we'll know about that in the near future. In the meantime, she's working as the news analyst for Fox News.

She previously worked Acting Director for Legislative Affairs at the National Security Council, under Obama's presidency. She was also the Senior Associate with Jones Group International, along with National Security Adviser James Jones

Judging by her actions before, it looks like she'll soon get married to her boyfriend and will reveal about that in the last moment.

Quick facts about Gillian Turner

  • Born on September 6, 1982, in New York, USA.
  • Her nationality is American and belongs to the white nationality.
  • She's also a professional ballerina and her mother is a famous author.
  • Attended the Columbia University in New York City in the year 2006 and graduated with a degree of BA in Comparative Politics and did her master's from the University of Cape Town, South Africa.
  • She has also worked for the White House National Security during former President Barack Obama's public administration, where she worked for the legislative affairs.
  • She is currently working as a Senior Associate for the Jones International Group.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be around $1.5 million with an annual salary of $300,000.                   

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