Home Article With No Girlfriend, Affairs or Wife, Journalist David Muir is Rumored To Be a Gay: Once Rumored to Be Dating Kate Dries: A Tough and a Talented Reporter

With No Girlfriend, Affairs or Wife, Journalist David Muir is Rumored To Be a Gay: Once Rumored to Be Dating Kate Dries: A Tough and a Talented Reporter

Updated On 12 Mar, 2019 Published On 26 Feb, 2017
With No Girlfriend, Affairs or Wife, Journalist David Muir is Rumored To Be a Gay: Once Rumored to Be Dating Kate Dries: A Tough and a Talented Reporter

The day was going fine for the United States president Donald Trump until he was interviewed by the one and only David Muir. At one point it seems as if though Trump is now doubting his own abilities.

Well, we know how tough David can be but despite being the reporter for the American people, he has never shown his soft side to any of us and by soft side, we mean his personal life.

There was once a hypothesis that David is gay but as well all know nowadays if you are single for a long time, people will definitely judge your sexuality. Let us find out the actual truth here!!

Hiding a secret Girlfriend    

David has been hiding many things from his fans, like his personal life or if he is married. It looks like he is trying to hide the identity of his girlfriend.

According to an article posted by Kate Dries on Jezebel.com, she is the alleged girlfriend of our beloved David Muir. 

She posted an article related to her relationship with and she has also stated that her boyfriend has had a lot of stress lately.

Similarly, she has even stated that her boyfriend is a monster and not due to the fact that he is not a good boyfriend but due to the fact that he is very busy.

Kate also said that she used to like Peter Jennings but after going on a random date with David she liked him more than Peter.

According to her, the couple has been traveling together during David's trip to different parts of the world for interviews.

Loved being on assignment in Rome. Back in time for tonight. Thanks for watching. #WorldNewsTonight #PopeFrancis

A post shared by David Muir (@davidmuirabc) on Sep 1, 2015, at 5:17 pm PDT

He recently went to Rome to interview the Pope and she also went with him but the couple did not have any picture together.

It looks like David does not want to reveal her identity just yet.

In the above Instagram picture he has captioned it with "Home" and maybe the picture was clicked by someone that he considers as his family. Maybe Kate was being sarcastic about the article.

But many of his female fans are very jealous about this remark and they are also speculating that she is just joking about this relationship between them. 

Well, nothing is confirmed just yet and maybe the article that Kate wrote at Jezebel.com is just for a gag or something like that. David will confirm it by himself, whether is in a relationship with her or not.

Kate Dries' Identity

Kate Dries is a Deputy Editor on Gizmodo Media Group, also known as Gawker Media. She has been working there for 3 years. She is very much active on Twitter and Instagram.

It looks like she is dating and has a boyfriend. She posts pictures of him on her Instagram account.

Her boyfriend goes by the username SableSma. It looks like Kate was really trying to be sarcastic with the article that she published, that may also be the reason that she faced a lot of heat from all of David's female fans.

And we do not blame them for lashing out at Kate, as our David is People Magazine's Sexiest Men Alive. He got into that list in 2014 which featured big actors like Tim Tebow, Chris Hemsworth, and Chris Pratt

David rumored to be gay

David was not involved with any woman in his life, not publicly of course. At that time many of his fans thought that he must be gay and that may be the reason he does not date girls.

He has been seen with several ABC news network reporters and that adds to the rumor.


Many websites claimed that David was in a relationship with ABC's field reporter Giovani Benitez. The two reporters were pictured multiple times in more than one occasion.

But the news was put to the rest after Gio was engaged with his boyfriend Tommy DiDario on September 17, 2015, and they got married on April 16, 2016.

The rumor has stopped coming out after the incident and since then all of his fans are just waiting for him to tell them something about his relationship.

Even if he comes out as gay, we will all support him and will not judge him on the basis of his sexual orientation.

A Tough Reporter

David is not only known for his hot looks but also for his enhanced skills of reporting. He has interviewed many of the biggest impactful people on the planet.

From a very small age, he knew that one day he will become a big reporter. He said that when he was 12-years-old he used to tune into 6:00 pm news and always watch over Peter Jennings, who was his source of inspiration at that time. 

His choice of questions will make anyone question their own actions. During an interview session with the president of the United States Donald Trump, it was clear how tough Dave can be to handle.

Though Trump was the one that asked for David Muir for the interview, looking at the reaction of Trump, it seems he later regretted his decision. 

Recently, he was on the Jimmy Kimmel show and during the entire interview he didn't reveal anything about his personal life.

Even Jimmy didn't ask him personal questions, due to the fact that his reporting career outshines his personal life.

He has also interviewed The Pope, Barack Obama, Raul Castro, and he has also anchored a program from the biggest Anti-US country, Cuba.

He has also won awards like Emmy Awards in 2010 and WGA Awards in 2009 for his excellency on the reporting field. He has also been nominated for multiple awards.

ABC's Main Anchor

After becoming a fan of the evening show, David got his dream job as an anchor of the ABC World News Tonight.

He also hosts the show called Made in America, in which they go to random houses and check whether the items in the house are American made or foreign made.

As of now, he is very much single ladies and that's good news for all of you. Maybe in the near future, he will announce something that will pull all the curtains of his personal life.

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