Home Article Fox News Diana Falzone Sued Fox News Over Harassment Charges. She Was Diagnosed with Endometriosis

Fox News Diana Falzone Sued Fox News Over Harassment Charges. She Was Diagnosed with Endometriosis

Updated On 19 Mar, 2023 Published On 04 May, 2017
Fox News Diana Falzone Sued Fox News Over Harassment Charges. She Was Diagnosed with Endometriosis

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Fox News Reporter Diana Falzone, who became an inspiration to many women, got demoted from her post as the broadcaster. And the reason is, writing about her chronic disease endometriosis on the Fox News website.

Well, to say it's absurd and ridiculous will be taking it easy on the network's executives. She filed a lawsuit against the network for discrimination in New York state court.

This is one of the many lawsuits that the news network is bearing for the past couple of years. 

Earlier this year when she came out with her health problem, we were all shedding tears by reading her emotional article.

And now that she sued the network, will she leave the company for good?

Diana Falzone Suffering from Endometriosis

In January this year, Diana revealed devastating news to her fans. In an emotional article, written by Diana, she disclosed that she's suffering from Endometriosis.

The hot Diana Falzone in an Event, Source: Zimbio

If you don't know what Endometriosis is then let us enlighten you about this grave disease. It's a medical condition in which the tissues that should line inside the uterus, the endometrium, grow outside the uterus.

Due to this, there's heavy bleeding during the menstrual cycle and because of this, in the long term, there'll be infertility issues.

Diana reporting for her show Fox411, Source: Daily Mail

In a heartbreaking article, she wrote how excited she was about being a mother with her boyfriend but because of this disease, she won't be able to achieve her lifelong dream.

Upon hearing that she was diagnosed with Endometriosis, her vision of becoming a mother shattered and the 40-year-old wept like a baby for days. She wrote, 

'So hearing the news that I was infertile shattered my original vision of what motherhood would be for me.'

The disease affects one in ten females in the United States. Not in her wildest dream, had she ever imagined that she'll also be one of those females.

Diana showing her sexy belly during a photo shoot, Source: Pinterest

But not all chance is gone as she's currently on her last test and this will be the deciding factor. She currently lives in Manhatten, New York with her boyfriend.

In 2009, she was in a relationship with actor Anthony Michael Hall. They broke up the same year after Anthony allegedly hit his girlfriend during an altercation between them.

Diana Folzane Sued Fox News Network

In May 2017, the 40-year-old Fox411 host filed a harassment claim against the news network. According to her, the channel discriminated against and demoted her after she wrote about her health issues on the website.


Diana reporting for a show, Source: Daily Mail

In January, during a news broadcast, the network executives took Diana off the air. Speaking about her lawsuit claim, she said

'Unfortunately, there are many who suffer in silence [from endometriosis]. It’s important that women support each other, and help advocate for one another. I shared my story with the hope that it could help just one person.'

It'll be a big blow for the big news network if a reporter like Diana leaves the company for good. The case is now pending and Fox news may try to settle the case by compensating her with some damages. 

Her attorneys are the same ones who helped Gretchen Carlson to file sexual harassment charges against Roger Ailes and Bill O'Reilly.

Well, the ball is in Fox News Network's court now and let's see how they handle another claim against them. 

More about Diana Folzane

Diana Folzane was born on February 8, 1983, in West Milford, New Jersey to American parents. She graduated from The News School with a bachelor's degree in Psychology.

Diana in the game Just Dance launched in New York, Source: Time

Diana never dreamed of becoming a reporter. Her brother asked her to be a guest on a local radio show. She's been glued to broadcasting ever since.

She is currently the host of Fox411, where she gives news related to the entertainment industry. Apart from being a reporter, she sometimes writes comics as well.

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