Home Article George Alagiah's Married life and Children: Battled with a Cancer, his Wife and Family were always by his side

George Alagiah's Married life and Children: Battled with a Cancer, his Wife and Family were always by his side

Updated On 12 Oct, 2023 Published On 13 Aug, 2017
George Alagiah's Married life and Children: Battled with a Cancer, his Wife and Family were always by his side

George Alagiah married Frances Robathan his high school sweetheart in the year 1984. The couple has two kids Adam and Matt together.

"Illness sometimes teaches a person the real worth of life." British newsreader and presenter George Alagiah is a fighter!!!!!!

The popular journalist George suffered a lot but his wife and family were always by his side. So, today, let us discuss her married life, children, and battle with cancer in this section!!!!!  

George Alagiah: His Married Life with wife Frances Robathan: Blessed with two children

George tied the knot to his wife Frances Robathan in 1984. They have been together since they met for the first time at Durham University when Frances was 19 and George 20.

The duo is living a blissful conjugal life and is also blessed with two children; sons, Adam, 30, and Matt, 25.

George at home with his wife Frances Robathan in North London, Source: Daily Mail

Well, the couple has been together for almost 33 years with no divorce rumors or affairs. 

George Alagiah with his wife Frances Robathan, and their sons Adam Alagiah and Matt Alagiah. Source: Mirror

The Alagiah family lives in Stoke Newington, North London.

George Alagiah: A Cancer Survivor

"You're allowed to scream....you're allowed to cry......but do not give up". We have seen many people fighting cancer and winning over the disease and George Alagiah is one of them.  

After 18 months of fighting with colorectal cancer, George must have wondered if he would ever return to his old life and the job he loves most. 

He was first diagnosed with bowel cancer in April 2014; a terrifying journey of the guy. George recalled the memory and said,

"The doctors are very careful in what they say, so you have to read between the lines and work out what they’re not saying."

"When the oncologist was looking at my scan, he kept gently shaking his head, and every time he did it was like a hammer blow. They described my condition as “serious”, and I knew it was as bad as it gets. No one uses the d-word. You have to work that out for yourself."

While he was on a trip to South Sudan in March 2014 he spotted some blood in his stools he felt easy; anyway, he visited his GP in case.

News Reader George Alagiah at Buckingham Palace after collecting his OBE from the Queen, Source: Mirror

He was diagnosed with stage four bowel cancer- the most advanced stage, where cancer, has spread from its original site.

Further scans showed that the cancerous cells spread to his lymph nodes along with his liver.

It was a great relief, however, that the cancer was operable with a devastating twist. Alagiah would undergo 17 rounds of chemotherapy and three major operations.

He looks slim and perfect this time. Most people thought that he would look terrible after the surgery.

Update 2023: George Alagiah Has Died!

On July 24, 2023, the talented British journalist George Alagiah died at the age of 67 after bravely fighting bowel cancer for nine years. He was surrounded by his beloved family, his wife Frances Robathan, sons, and close friends at the time of his passing, as confirmed by his agent. The former BBC News presenter is survived by his wife and two sons.

Quick Facts about George Alagiah

  • Born on 22 November 1955 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  • His parents Donald Alagiah, an engineer, and Therese were Sri Lankan Tamil.
  • Studied at the King International School and later studied at St. John's College.
  • Learned politics at Van Mildert College, Durham University.
  • Initially became editor of the student newspaper Palatinate.
  • Worked on South Magazine from 1982 until joining the British Broadcasting Corporation.
  • Joined BBC in 1989 as a correspondent.
  • Was the presenter of BBC Four News in 2002 including the BBC Six O'Clock News in 2003 with Sophie Raworth and Natasha Kaplinsky.
  • Presented World News Today on BBC World News and BBC Two in 2006.
  • Worked on BBC News at Ten when Fiona Bruce was absent from the show.
  • Is one of the BBC teams collecting a BAFTA award for the coverage of the Kosovo conflict.
  • Won several awards including Best International Report at the Royal Television Society in 1993 and was the overall winner of the Amnesty International UK Media Awards in 1994.
  • Also the Outstanding Achievement in Television award at the Asian Awards in 2010.

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