Home Article George Blagden Married Laura Pitt-Pulford After Dating Elinor Crawley For Years

George Blagden Married Laura Pitt-Pulford After Dating Elinor Crawley For Years

Published On 04 Feb, 2020
George Blagden Married Laura Pitt-Pulford After Dating Elinor Crawley For Years

Sometimes relationship tends to work out with the person you have known for just bare months than with someone you have known for years. Doesn't the universe ridiculously work in mysterious ways?

In regards to that, our fellow favorite Vikings star George Blagden who portrayed Athelstan in the hit History's series has been known for his romantical link with two women; his co-star Elinor Crawley herself and his current wife, Laura Pitt-Pulford

George Blagden & Elinor Crawley In Fact Dated For Over Two Years

To your surprise, yes Blagden and Crawley's fate collided when they were both assigned to work as a part of the project in 2013. And, it was on the set of Vikings where Elinor performed as Thyri alongside Ruby O'Leary and Linus Roache, the two became closer and developed feelings for each other.

George Blagden and Eminor Crawley dated for more than two years. SOURCE: Elinor Crawley Instagram

And, by the year in 2014, the couple came out as a couple and didn't felt the need to hide about their relationship from the fans either. Speaking of which, both George and his former girlfriend would not hold back from expressing their love on social media too.

"I miss you so much," tweeted George to Elinor in April 2016, whilst he was away from the alum of Whitchurch High School. Crawley, likewise, would share snaps of the couple on Instagram with writing how much she loved her (former) boyfriend.

Interestingly, pictures of Elinor can be still sighted on Blagden's Instagram feed (as of Jan. 2020), although he moved on and married another woman. And, nearly three years later, George and Elinor got caught up in relationship issues and decided to part ways.

Well, at least, the Versailles star was lucky to have found love again.

Blagden's Then Dated Laura Pitt-Pulford

For those curious to learn about Laura, she is a musical theatrical actress, prominent for her performance in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Flowers for Mrs. Harris.

George Blagden and his wife, Laura Pitt-Pulford began dating in 2018. SOURCE: Laura Pitt-Pulford Instagram

Unsurprisingly, George met his then-future wife, whilst he too worked for plays in theatres. The two got along pretty well to the point Blagden realized there was more to know about the Laurence Olivier Award nominee than what she represented on the surface.

Intrigued by Laura's beauty and personality, George asked her out. And, as one thing led to another, it didn't take long for them to admit their feelings for each other. George was, in fact, far from head over heels in love with Laura, that he proposed in the midst of 2019 just shortly after dating.

George Blagden and his beautiful bride, Laura Pitt-Pulford. SOURCE: George Blagden Instagram

And, three months later, although most of their family and friends opposed their wedding thinking it was too soon, George and Laura put on their wedding attires and happily exchanged their wedding vows in a woods theme ceremony, decorated with and colorful smoke bomb and lights.

A year later, the husband and wife are still blissfully together with their happily ever after along with their beloved puppy, Louis. The couple is yet to start a family.

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