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Get to Know Talita Roberta Pereira, the Wife of UFC Star Charles Oliveira

Updated On 04 Feb, 2024 Published On 14 May, 2023
Get to Know Talita Roberta Pereira, the Wife of UFC Star Charles Oliveira

Talita Roberta Pereira is the wife of Charles Oliveira, the Brazilian mixed martial artist who is the current UFC lightweight champion. She is also a Brazilian herself, a jiu-jitsu practitioner, a gym trainer, and a hospital worker. She has been with Oliveira since they were teenagers and has supported him throughout his career. In this article, we will get to know more about Talita Roberta Pereira, the woman behind the UFC star.

Talita Roberta Pereira & Charles Oliveira's Relationshp Status And Married Life

Talita Roberta Pereira and her husband Charles Oliveira have been in a committed relationship since they were teenagers. The lovebirds got married on February 15, 2014, in Brazil. They are both Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners and live in Guarujá, Brazil, with their daughter, Tayla Oliveira.

Talita Roberta Pereira with her husband Charles Oliveira. Image Source: Pinterest

Talita doesn't share pictures of her husband on Instagram, and her feed is mostly filled with photos of her and her daughter. Similarly, her husband Charles focuses on work-related posts, indicating a conscious effort to maintain privacy in their personal lives.

Charles has had a successful career in mixed martial arts (MMA), and he often credits his wife for being a strong supporter throughout his career. He has praised Pereira's unwavering support and encouragement, which has helped him stay focused and motivated during his training and competitions.

It's always inspiring to see couples who are supportive of each other's goals and aspirations, and it's evident that both of them have a strong and loving relationship. Besides that, check out the relationship status of American television star Natalie Guercio

How Did They Meet?

Talita Roberta Pereira and Charles Oliveira met each other in a gym where they both trained and practiced Brazilian jiu-jitsu. This martial art is known for its grappling and ground fighting techniques, and it's a popular sport in Brazil. It was in this gym where they both first crossed paths and got to know each other.

They started dating around 2007 when they were teenagers. Being of a similar age, they likely had common interests and shared experiences which brought them closer together. Over time, their relationship grew stronger, and they decided to take their commitment to each other to the next level. They got married in 2014, which marked a significant milestone in their relationship. 

Relationship Update: Talita's New Chapter

In an unexpected turn, Talita Roberta Pereira appears to have been living a single life since ending her relationship with her husband, Charles Oliveira, quite some time ago. On the other hand, Oliveira has moved on and found new love. In a November 2023 post, he introduced his girlfriend, Vitoria Brum, with a caption that simply read, "My babe." This update sheds light on the divergent paths taken by the once-married couple and adds a new chapter to Charles Oliveira's personal life.

What is Their Daughter's Age?

Tayla Oliveira, the daughter of Talita Roberta Pereira and Charles Oliveira, was born in April 2017. She is currently six years old and is known to be a happy and outgoing child. Her parents have created an Instagram account for her, which they manage, to share updates and cute pictures of her with their followers.

Talita Roberta Pereira with her daughter Tayla. Image Source: Talita's Instagram@talitaroberta2604

Moreover, she is a beautiful and lively girl who loves spending time at the beach and swimming. Her parents have posted pictures of her enjoying the sand, sun, and sea on her Instagram account. As she grows up, her parents are sure to support her in her interests and passions, just as they have supported each other throughout their relationship. 

Who is Charles Oliveira?

Charles Oliveira is a Brazilian mixed martial artist who currently competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Further, Charles was born on October 17, 1989, in São Paulo, Brazil. He began his MMA career in 2008 and has since amassed an impressive record of victories, including numerous submissions and knockouts.

Likewise, he is known for his exceptional grappling skills and has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He holds multiple records in the UFC, including the most submissions and the most finishes in the promotion's history. He is considered one of the best fighters in the lightweight division and is widely respected for his skills and achievements in the sport.

How Did Charles Oliveira Become a UFC Champion?

Charles Oliveira won the UFC lightweight championship title on May 15, 2021, by defeating Michael Chandler at UFC 262. He secured a technical knockout victory in the second round of the fight, after weathering a knockdown in the first round. This achievement made him the first Brazilian to win the UFC lightweight title and the 11th champion in the division's history.

However, he faced setbacks when he failed to make the 155 lb weight limit for his first title defense against Justin Gaethje at UFC 274 on May 7, 2022. As a result, he was stripped of his title on the scale and fined 20% of his purse. 

Despite this setback, he still fought Gaethje in a non-title bout and secured a victory by submission in the first round. While he was no longer the UFC lightweight champion, Oliveira's victory over Gaethje demonstrated his continued skill and competitiveness in the division.

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What is Talita Roberta Pereira's Net Worth?

Talita Roberta Pereira’s net worth is not disclosed to the public. However, she has earned a lot of money from her work as a gym trainer, a hospital worker, and a former apparel store owner. Further, her husband Charles Oliveira's net worth is estimated to be approximately $2.5 million

Talita Roberta Pereira's husband Charles Oliveira has a net worth of $2.5 million. 

In particular, Oliveira earned a significant purse from his fight against Justin Gaethje at UFC 274, reportedly making $1.69 million for the non-title bout. As a successful professional athlete, he may have additional sources of income, such as sponsorship deals and other business ventures. Just like Oliveira, Luis Pena is also a mixed martial arts fighter. 

What are Some of Their Charity Works?

Talita Roberta Pereira and Charles Oliveira have done some charitable work in their native Brazil. For instance, they have helped people who were affected by the COVID-19 crisis by giving them food and essentials. 

They have also sponsored social initiatives such as Projeto Social Charles Oliveira, which offers martial arts and sports training to kids and teens from poor backgrounds. They are both committed to making a positive difference in their society and assisting others.

Is Talita Roberta Pereira Active on Social Media?

Talita Roberta Pereira is an active user of Instagram, where she has an account under the username @talitaroberta2604. She has multiple other business Instagram accounts, @institutocharlesdobronxs, and @charlesolivieragoldteam, which she and her husband manage.

The duo's daughter Tayla also has her own Instagram account which is most likely handled by Talita. She frequently shares pictures and videos of her family, including her husband, and daughter, and their activities on her own and her daughter's Instagram. 

While Pereira has a Facebook profile under her name, it's unclear how active she is on that platform. She does not seem to have a presence on Twitter or any other social media platform.

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