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Giannina Gibelli From Love is Blind Truly Belongs To Telenovela; Is She Still With Damian Powers

Updated On 09 Mar, 2021 Published On 03 Mar, 2020
Giannina Gibelli From Love is Blind Truly Belongs To Telenovela; Is She Still With Damian Powers

First thing first, if it wasn't for the new tv queen Giannina Gibelli, no one would be watching Netflix's Love is Blind. Gibelli made every episode less bland, more interesting and had every one us on the edge of our seat all the time, to say the least.

All ten episodes of Love is Blind has been dropped on Netflix. Whilst some had their happy ending, some didn't including the blonde beauty herself whose full name is Giannina Milady Gibelli who starred alongside Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed.

But, it's alright since Gibelli claims she learned a lesson and that the moment she heard 'I do not' from onscreen partner Damian Powers has changed her life forever. But, what happened to Gibelli after she couldn't get married and after the conclusion of the show? Here, everything you need to know and more about Gibelli.

Did Giannina Gibelli & Damian Powers Reconcile?

As the viewers witnessed the final episode, Giannina was all excited when she put on the stunning off-shoulder bridal gown on the final episode. She even has a few emotional moments with her madre, Milady Bartolovich, who is as equally dramatic as her daughter. Clearly, it runs in the family.

Sadly, Powers rejected Giannina at the alter when he refused to believe love is blind. Damian and Giannina didn't get married. And, Gi, in her true self, runs away dramatically with tears in her eyes.

The runaway bride then falls and stains her gown. After facing such humiliation what was supposed to be her big day, momma Bartolovich comforts her daughter that she should have been the one to say 'No' when she was asked by the wedding officiator.

The rejection, however, wasn't surprising though considering the fact that there were constant arguments over silly stuff including social media, unfamiliarity, low intimacy, and that Damian didn't even allow his parents to meet Giannina.

Other than that, rumors also has it that the two couldn't get along after they figured out their political indifferences. Although they couldn't be compatible, both Damian and Gi are proud that they took the leap of faith and the chance. And, in the meantime, Gibelli and Powers recently did an interview with ET, and from the look of it, it seems as Gibelli forgave Powers and got back with him.

Thankfully, there will be a Love is Blind reunion and we will soon find out everything soon.

Giannina Gibelli Venezuela Ethnicity; Businesswoman By Profession

For those who missed out, Giannina Gibelli is a Latina by ethnicity as her parents immigrated from Venezuela. As a matter of fact, Gibellie still has family back in Venezuela whom she still finally supports too. Gibelli's career as a businesswoman has been helped a lot with it.

The daughter of a civil engineer is a retail business owner who graduated from Palm Beach Central High School and the University of Central Florida where she earned a degree in Arts, Applied Communication and Advertising.

The Venezuelan Latina Giannina Gibelli has worked as a business retailer. SOURCE: Giannina Gibelli Instagram

Gibelli also considers herself a soulpreneur on her Instagram bio and LinkedIn profile for the experience history of working as a social media specialist at GotChosen Inc and marketing officer for Brandmovers. Not to let it go, the Latina beauty has also previously worked as a executive secretary at the University of Central Florida for a year and a half in 2014 and 2015.

Speaking more of her career as a retailer, Giannina worked at a beauty salon as someone who handled and counseled customers on picking the best hair products for them. But, whatsoever, everyone is convinced that apart from her career as a businesswoman, Giannina is highly potent in the acting field. Who knows she might even be the next telenovela superstar.

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