Home Article Actress Brec Bassinger, 17, is rumored to be dating singer, Ricky Garcia. Is something actually going on between the couple?

Actress Brec Bassinger, 17, is rumored to be dating singer, Ricky Garcia. Is something actually going on between the couple?

Updated On 28 Mar, 2017 Published On 28 Mar, 2017
Actress Brec Bassinger, 17, is rumored to be dating singer, Ricky Garcia. Is something actually going on between the couple?

17-year-old, actress, Brec Bassinger is going strong on her acting career and has not found to be officially linked with any boy lately. But recently she was found to be rumored with the co-host Ricky Garcia and the media is looking up for their cute love story to happen.

An American actress, Brec Bassinger, popular as Bella Dawson on the Nickelodeon series 'Bella and the Bulldogs' and quite specific about her choice of boyfriend. She has mentioned about her likability on men and has been dating a guy recently.

Who is that lucky fellow? Is her boyfriend, the man of her dream? Let's get to know about this lovely teen girl's story!

Her current relationship status      

The 17 years old, Brec is found to be having an affair with a pop singer, Ricky Garcia and their dating stories are sizzling up the media at the moment.


17-year-old, Brec Bassinger, Source: Wiki Feet

Featured on ABC sitcom, 'The Goldbergs' in 2013, Brec has always been enthusiastic about sports from the childhood as she has participated in numerous games; volleyball, basketball and ran track/field and did cheerleading in school.

On the other hand, her boyfriend Ricky started out as a model and later took his career into a singing line.

Ricky's 18th birthday, Source: Twitter

Texas girl, Brec does not possess other relationship and Ricky is her first rumored boyfriend but the 18-year-old Puerto Rican Actor, Ricky has been in three relationships until now.

He had dated Chloe Lukasiak (2015 - 2016) and rumored to have an affair with Beatrice Vendramin (2016).


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However, their new relationship is becoming the top story in the Hollywood. Raised in Texas, Ricky is a versatile personality who has emerged from The X Factor U.S.A. 

'Forever Boys' started their romance

Brec is also now supposed to be debut as Bella in the 'Forever Boys' which got them close together and the news line got the attention while Brec attended Ricky's 18 birthday party and the picture taken that day proved the rumor going on among them is true.


'Forever Boys' casts on Rick's birthday party, Source: Twitter

Now, they are staring in the same tv series so there might be the high probability for them to catch up more.

Brec is specific about her boyfriend's quality

'The Haunted Hathaway's', Brec is open about the choice of her boyfriend.

She has expressed about the qualities of a boyfriend she would like to have for her.


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She has exclaimed and then even posted on twitter;

Thick, long hair and a great singer or short hair and an actor...any guesses?! LOL 

Quite a choice! Right? Well, she expressed them in 2016, so we hope this New Year has certainly given her the right person.

Disney star Brec's wonderful career in the industry

'The Goldbergs', Brec, in her early age, participated in several beauty pageants and even won 'Little Miss World' and was a very competitive cheerleader.


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5' 2'' Brec, is the youngest child with two of her elder brothers named Beric and Brice, got a major breakthrough from Bella and Bulldogs with the co-host Buddy Handleson. 

She has always been multi-talented and performed several extra-curricular activities back in high school.

'Liar Liar Vampire' actress, Brec, Source: Steal Her Style

Even though her new story with Ricky is turned out to be exclusive so we hope her teen love story to be true for her!!

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