It's not unusual to see celebrities getting linked to different rumors relating to their personal life. The same can be said for the controversial public figure, Ann Coulter. Her relationship status often causes confusion amongst people as she has had multiple partners in the past. But is she dating someone right now?

If you belong to the category curious to know the dating rumors and affairs of this outspoken woman, you arrived at the right place. Let's get to it. 

Is Ann Coulter Dating Someone?

This gorgeous woman had multiple relationships in the past, but she is not currently dating anyone. Ann appears to be completely single. However, her life is perceived as messy since she was heartbroken many times.


Relationship veteran but currently single Ann Coulter
Source: BBC

This lady in her mid-fifties is still searching out for her soulmate. Her past experiences seem to be putting her off from committing to a person once again. It's a bit sad that nobody could generate a permanent place in her heart.

Ann is not married yet and she has no children so far. However, her fans are really looking forward to seeing this outspoken personality tying the knot sooner than later.

Ann Coulter's Past Rumours and Affairs

Ann Coulter, an American conservative & political commentator, is best known for her political views but she rarely ever speaks about her personal life. Perhaps this is a strategy to maintain her tough persona in public. However, she did enjoy a few romantic relationships in the past. It's fair to say she has an interesting dating history.

Ann's most recent boyfriend was an American Democratic politician named Andrew Stein. The couple began dating in October 2007 but unfortunately broke up after merely a year. Stein later revealed the reason for their separation was irreconcilable differences.

Ann Coulter and her former boyfriend Andrew Stein
Source: Storm Front

Stein and Coulter were a strange pairing as the former was a liberal democrat. In fact, Stein whilst they were dating even went on to say:

"She's attacked a lot of my friends, but what can I say, opposites attract."

Besides Stein, Ann dated a couple other men in the past as per reliable sources. Before she was relatively famous, she was romantically involved with Spin Magazine's founder Bob Guccione Jr. This was very early on and it is unknown why the pair called it quits.

However, in one of the recent interviews Coulter joked (or not):

“Guccione’s greatest achievements were creating Spin magazine in the ’80s and getting me to date him briefly in the ’90s. I see he’s still living off those aging laurels.”

After breaking up with her first boyfriend, Coulter moved on with Dinesh D'Souza, a conservative writer, and commentator. This did not last either as romance soon flamed out.

It is unsure whether Ann is unlucky or just incompatible with her partners for some fault of her own. However, Coulter has kept herself off the dating market for a decade now.

Ann Coulter: Quick Facts

Source: NBC News

  • She was born on 8th December 1961 in New York City.
  • Her birth sign is Sagittarius.
  • Her parents are John Vincent Coulter and Nell Husbands Coulter.
  • She has two sibling brothers named, James Coulter and John Coulter.
  • She did her Bachelors from Cornell University in 1984.
  • She completed her graduation with a law degree in 1988.
  • She left a private law firm in 1994 to work for a Republican U.S Senator named Spencer Abraham.
  • She authored 12 books, most of which made it to New York Times.
  • She is known for being an outspoken personality.
  • She criticised Clinton Administration in the 1990s which brought her to prominence.
  • She once insulted the U.S Ambassador of France which led to her dismissal.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be $8.5 million.