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Is Greta Scacchi Still Illicitly Married To Cousin Carlo Mantegazza? Couple Shares A Son

Updated On 13 Feb, 2024 Published On 20 Jan, 2020
Is Greta Scacchi Still Illicitly Married To Cousin Carlo Mantegazza? Couple Shares A Son

As absurd as it sounds that the renowned actress Greta Scacchi married her first cousin, the Italian beauty has always defended her incestuous relationship. For, Scacchi and her partner, it was them against the world and has always been the same way.

Recently seen in Palm Beach (2019), Italian-Australian actress Greta Scacchi is still together with her first cousin, Carlo Mantegazza, with whom she also shares a grown-up son, now in his early twenties, as of 2020.

Greta Scacchi Scrutinized Affair With Her First Cousin

For months, Greta and her partner kept their relationship a secret from everyone, which is comprehensible. But, when The Odyssey actress became pregnant with her cousin, the time was ticking like a bomb to explode. After all, sooner or later, she needed to tell the identity of her father that would put the jaws of her relatives and everyone on the floor.

And, when the time finally came, no one supported the two, unsurprisingly, except for Greta's mother, Pamela Risbey, an English dance teacher who later married an Italian person and moved to Australia while Greta was only fifteen.

Greta Scacchi began seeing her first cousin, Carlo Mantegazza with whom she shares a son named Matteo Mantegazza, in 1997.  SOURCE: Famous Fix

Greta once described how she felt the same thing as Carlo the same feeling when she first moved to Australia, specifically in Perth, the feeling of belonging on her first visit.

The actress's father, Luca Scacchi Gracco, especially, who had cut off ties with most of his family, was the one who furiously disapproved of their affair. Greta and Carlo's affair almost ruined the family. Things didn't go well. But, what can you expect?

Family, friends, the churches, and the media, everyone harshly gossiped and criticized. But, to have the support of Pamela which meant the world to her was the only thing that kept her going. Fast forward to today decades later, and people still talk about it. Not in a good way, obviously.

Check out the clip of Greta Scacchi in an interview!

Needless to say, everything is going well for the couple. Until 2011, Greta and Carlo weren't married, but several reports, however, state they are. However, Greta still mentioned Carlo as her husband, even when the two weren't legally married.

And, speaking of their beloved son, who they named Matteo Mantegazza was born in 1998. Matteo can be often seen at red-carpet events with their parents.

How Did Greta & Carlo Fell In Love?

For years, Greta knew Carlo, three years senior to her, as the son of her aunt, Luca's own younger sister. The couple was best friends before they finally became attached, in 1997, when Carlo paid a visit to her. In her conscious mind, Greta knew it was wrong and tried to avoid those feelings, but hey, love won.

Greta Scacchi pictured alongside long-term partner and cousin, Carlo Mantegazza. SOURCE: Getty Images

And, before that moment, more than just friends and cousins, Carlo was also a salesperson who worked for her family's import and export textile business. Greta had only met Carlo twice before at the age of only seven and fourteen. The two later became friends when the actress turned 21 and left to study acting and make her way in Hollywood.

Additionally, the cousins turned into lovers after Greta's relationship with her ex, Vincent D'Onofrio, reached its endpoint. Not to mention, Vincent also highly disapproved of their relationship.

And, it was also in Carlo, that Greta found her peace and solace. Not to mention, Carlo was the first person to greet her and her then-newly born daughter, Leila George D'Onofrio at the hospital, on 20th March 1992.

Greta Scacchi poses for a picture with Carlo at an event. SOURCE: Zimbio

Carlo also later became Godfather to Leila. The two are still happily together and reside in between Italy, the UK, and Australia. Carlo even often makes his appearance on the red carpet and at events alongside the Emmy-winning actress.

Update 2023: Actress Greta Scacchi And Her Partner And First Cousin Carlo Mantegazza Have Split!

The White Mischief actress was continuously rumored to be still in a relationship with her first cousin and some even suggested that the two were married but it appears they split a long time ago.

A source close to the actress revealed in an interview in 2022 that the pair who share a child parted ways 12 years ago.

These days, Greta lives a secretive life and plans to do so for the rest of her life. The actress is also not active on social media platforms. She is likely single.

Greta's relationship With D'Onofrio; Was D'Onofrio Possessive?

The Broken Trail actress and her former husband, Mr. D'Onofrio, also the father of her daughter, were a one-time thing. Greta who has millions of fans broke their hearts when she married the Italian-American actor and producer in 1991.

The former couple met the same year whilst working on the set of Fires Within. In an old interview, Greta even gushed by regarding Vincent as the Adam to her Eve. But, with the attention of the whole world on her, Vincent grew more insecure and possessive of the actress.

Greta Scacchi and former partner, Vincent D'Onofrio met on the set of Fires Within in 1991. SOURCE: Pinterest

Things became worse to the point leading Greta rejected movie roles including Basic Instinct, for which its cast Michael Douglas desperately wanted her to be a part of the film. The role was later offered to Sharon Stone. Not to mention, the erotic film even became a massive hit with a box office number of more than $300 million. But, Greta has no regret.

Vincent didn't know how to take care of his marriage with Greta and instead of working things out the right way, he only ended up turning more toxic.

Once fed up, Greta decided it was the last straw and left him. But, Vincent wasn't ready to let go and kept crying and begging so she could come back. She did, eventually. And, it happened not just once, but twice.

The biggest change, however, occurred after the birth of their daughter (Leila), the baby that Vincent forced her to keep and move to New York to live with him in a house. The couple lived in a rented flat in London, at the time.

This Time It Was D'Onofrio Who Left Greta

But, it was easier said than done. The Daredevil star started to grow irritated by his own baby's weeping. Not to mention, he dared to blatantly say right at Greta's face that he wasn't ready to start a family after his daughter was born.

And, unsurprisingly history repeated itself when Vincent left Greta and their six-month-old daughter just like how the actress's father, whom she describes as an egoistic person left her and her mother when she was only three years old.

Mr. Gracco (Greta's father) who is an artist disappeared for most of the actress's life except for the part when he would turn up during the holidays to shower with gifts, to only disappear again.

Greta Scacchi and her former partner, Vincent D'Onofrio welcomed their daughter, Leila Greta D'Onofrio in 1992.  SOURCE: Pinterest

Vincent, similarly, was mostly absent in the upbringing of Leila and only visited his daughter on the holidays, just like how the American film actor made sure he didn't want to be a part of Leila as a parent.

After their separation, Greta went on to live in a farm cottage based in Sussex where she still lived until 2008 to protect herself and her young child from Vincent. But, call it a betrayal or an act of ill-minded, D'Onofrio still had to say a lot about Greta, that too publicly.

Vincent, who is today married to Carin van der Donk, the mother of his two other children including Elias Gene D'Onofrio and Luka D'Onofrio, openly talked about his intimate life with Greta, but not in a good manner.

And, seriously, their relationship must have been a super toxic one. This is because, instead of being a light at the end of the tunnel, things were opposite for the mother of two. Greta started to self deteriorate, not long after the split from Vincent.

Greta Grew More Insecure & Hated Herself

Life as a single mother with a traumatic relationship memory haunted Scacchi for the next several years until she finally lifted herself to get on the right track. Greta was wrecked, like totally. 

The actress with a much greater promising career turned down offers and rarely appeared on the screen, just to sit at home to take care of her daughter. Not to mention, she even once turned down an offer of more than $1.2 million from a makeup advertisement that only needed three days to work for.

Greta Scacchi started to self-loathe after splitting from Vincent. SOURCE: Daily Mail

But, was she happy at home? The answer is simply no. All she was left with was the feeling of not being good enough whilst her insecurity started to eat her alive.

Confidence drained out of her body that she would find herself seldom attending parties, even though she lived in London and was a celebrity. Greta, the woman every man wanted at her time, unbelievably loathed herself so much that she would even cry to her agents and complain about how ugly she felt.

One time, when Greta attended the Baftas ceremony, she was too scared to face the cameras and crowds. She kept sneaking the place and running down the staircase when the spotlights would come near her.

Greta Avoided Calls From Unknown Numbers Thinking It Would Be Vincent

And, sometimes, things would be too sadly horrible to the point, that she would make a call to her brother before she felt like throwing her daughter out of the window. The actress has two elder twin brothers; Paul Scacchi Graccoa and Tom Scacchi Graccoa, both born in Milan and work as a craftsman.

Greta Scacchi would avoid calls from unknown numbers thinking it would be a former partner, Vincent D'Onofrio. SOURCE: Getty Images

What is even more horrifying to learn is the fact that Greta avoided Vincent in any way she could. Greta did not answer calls from unknown numbers for a whopping four years of worries that it would be him.

Finally, Greta said it was enough and decided to get help. She sought a therapist, who told her Vincent must have killed her in another life. Was the healer wrong though?

It was also during those devastating years of Greta, that Carlo came as a light and superhero to rescue the Milan-born star. Carlo would be always there to help Greta out and support her emotionally, while she recovered.

Scacchi Also Holds A Long-term Romance History With Tim Finn

Before Vincent D'Onofrio, there was another special man in Greta's life. He was a musician from New Zealand, the man himself regarded as Tim Finn, a former member and founder of the famous rock band called Split Enz.

New Zealander singer Tim Finn dated Greta in the eighties for five years. SOURCE: Pinterest

Scacchi and Finn came out together as a couple in 1983. Their love story sold stories and constantly made headlines. Finn even received more recognition for his music and ultimately gained more fans. And, to be romantically linked with a woman of the time, also notorious for her nude scenes in the eighties film, Finn's head was on cloud nine.

Their much-publicized affair lasted for five years before Scacchi ended things with Tim in the year 1989. Surprisingly, after their separation, the then-next-released music from Tim failed to do well.

Speaking more of the singer, Finn is today, married to his wife, Marie Azcona, and shares two children with her including Harper Finn and Elliot Finn.

Motherhood Wasn't Great For Greta Either

The independent and single mother raised her daughter mostly by herself solo, until Carlo stepped into her life, of course. And, as we already mentioned, things were not sunshine and rainbows for Greta, especially in those years after enduring what seemed like a never-resolving heartache.

And, although those moments affected Leila, they didn't affect her as much as her career, considering that she rose to her utmost fame after her performance as a femme fatale in White Mischief as Diana Lady Broughton.

Greta Scacchi pictured with her daughter, Leila, who followed the footsteps of her mother. SOURCE: Pinterest

When the guys at Leila's school would be interested in dating her, they would find a lot of vulgar images on Google out of context in her name. It brought Greta a big feeling of embarrassment and hurt. Leila even later changed her name.

But, things have changed today. Leila who as well as followed the footsteps of her parents and marked her acting career in films such as Mortal Engines, The Kid, and Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? understand the way of things very well.

Check out the clip of Greta Scacchi at Studio 10 in 2010!

Scacchi, the graduate of Brighton College with a scholarship doesn't mind being naked for acting again. After all, why should she? Especially when she has someone like Carlo, who is fully supportive of her emotionally, romantically, and professionally.

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