Home Article Is Lamelo Ball Dating Girlfriend Ashley Alvano? Know His Affairs And Dating Rumors

Is Lamelo Ball Dating Girlfriend Ashley Alvano? Know His Affairs And Dating Rumors

Updated On 18 Feb, 2019 Published On 14 Dec, 2018
Is Lamelo Ball Dating Girlfriend Ashley Alvano? Know His Affairs And Dating Rumors

Making and breaking relationship is a cup of tea for many, whereas it's harder than breaking rock for others. LaMelo Ball is a known junior Basketball player who appears on the internet mainly due to the game he plays, the shoes he wears and the girl he dates.

It is no wonder that Ball likes to keep his relationship status private but he mentioned a year ago that he's dating Ashley Alvano, a hot social media personality. So are they still dating each other? How is the relationship between them? To find out, read further below.

LaMelo Ball Dating Ashley Alvano; Break up Rumors?

Primarily known for playing Junior Basketball, LaMelo Ball's dating story with Ashley Alvano has made a lot of headlines on the internet. In August 2017, on their family show, Ball in the Family, Melo made the relationship between him and Ashley Alvano public. Since then, the couple's relationship has always been a hot topic on the internet.

Ashley Alvano

Ashley lives in California, so does Melo. It is possible that they attended the same school, however, there isn't any exact information on which school Alvano attends and how they met at the very first time.

Alvano maintains her body really well. From her Instagram post, it's pretty clear that she spends more time working out on gym and tones her body pretty well.




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Makes me feel

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Her occupation is unknown currently but her name rose to fame since the news of Ball dating her got out. Since a few months, the break-up rumors of the social media personality and Melo is rounding every corner. Neither of them seems to post anything about their relationship status, which is one of the major reasons for giving rise to break-up rumors.

We looked into Alvano's Instagram and found out that she still follows Melo. However, it's not enough to say if the couple is still dating or not. Alvano hasn't called out Melo as being a bad person or anything like that so they might still be on the same sheet of paper.

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So yeah, the official news of their break-up is none; The couple might still be dating, maybe not. It is yet to be revealed by themselves if they have broken up.

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Besides his rumored affair, he's grabbing media headlines as he's featured on Billboard with nine other standout high school athletes.

LaMelo Ball And His Brothers; Ashley Alvano's Relationship with Ball Family

LaMelo got his career a boost since his two brothers also play professional Basketball in NBA. His two brothers are no others than Lonzo Ball and LiAngelo Ball. Lonzo and LiAngelo both now play in NBA, but Melo currently plays for JBA(Junior Basketball Association). It looks like he'll be as successful as his brothers or ever more than them.


Ashley Alvano, Denise Garcia and Izzy Morris

Ashley is closer to both of Melo's brothers' ex-girlfriends. Alvano once posted a picture of her posing with Denise Garcia and Izzy Morris. It is more than likely that she's closer to the Ball family and exes of Melo's brothers.

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It's no surprise if Melo has stopped dating Ashley though. The 17-year-old professional Basketball player will hopefully make his way to NBA and gets a perfect girlfriend for himself.

Quick Facts: LaMelo Ball

Source: Business Insider

  • LaMelo Bell was born on 22 August 2001, in California, United States.
  • He is born to LaVar Ball and Tina Ball.
  • He plays as point guard/shooting guard for Junior Basketball Association since 2018.
  • He has listed height of 1.96m and weight of 69kg.
  • He has an estimated net worth of over $2.3 million.

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