Home Article Is Leland Chapman still married to Lynette? Know about his ex-wife Maui Chapman and children

Is Leland Chapman still married to Lynette? Know about his ex-wife Maui Chapman and children

Updated On 23 Nov, 2023 Published On 23 Nov, 2016
Is Leland Chapman still married to Lynette? Know about his ex-wife Maui Chapman and children

The bounty hunter, Leland Chapman has always been in the news which is either because of his work or because of his failed relationship and marriage. After his divorce from his first wife Maui Chapman, he has been rumored to be dating several women.

Before getting into his previous marriage, divorce, and children, let’s find out who is that lucky girl. After more than ten years of his divorce, he got someone in his life who could understand him.

Leland Chapman’s Girlfriend Jamie Pilar Worley: Are They Married?

Once again, Leland Chapman has been married to tattooed model Jamie Pilar Worley. Though there are no reports of when the husband and wife started dating, we can surely say that the two are so much in love with each other. 

If we check their social media accounts then we can easily find out how much they are in Love.

Besides that, Leland was in a relationship with Lynette Yi. Reports claim that they were seen together in public most of the time.

Two of them met for the first in an event show. Later, slowly they came closer and started showing interest. It was believed that she was a gold digger but most of the time she remained silent regarding that statement.

However, Leland’s marital status has always been a private and controversial part of his personal life. Leland was also said to have a daughter from Lynette in the year 2010.

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Leland and Jamie tied the knot in 2016 and the couple live a blissful married life in Alabama. Despite being married for years, the husband and wife do not share any children yet. 

Leland Chapman’s Past Married Life, Divorce, And Children

He and his ex-wife Maui Chapman were married more than twenty years ago in July 1994. They both didn’t try much to save their relationship.  

They went to court for a divorce settlement and filed for a divorce. The couple's divorce was finalized on 21 April 2005.

However, due to a huge argument between both parties, the whole divorce scenario turned into an ugly fight.


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During the time, Leland was in prison, Maui appealed for a separation expressing hopeless contracts as the reason. 

It was said that Leland being in the jail became most favorable for Maui but by the time of the hearing, he got out of the prison, which was a big loss for her.

Later on, he stated that his wife abandoned their relationship when he was in prison. However, it was believed that the main reason behind the divorce was Leland's extra-marital affairs with many other women.


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Recently, Report claimed that Leland tied the knot to Jamie Pilar Worley in 2016 which has been proven yet. We just hope if this is true he will mess up his relationship this time. 

Leland Chapman's Children

Leland is a very good father and always takes care of his children. Now, he is a family man. he has three of them: The eldest child, Dakota Chapman, who is 21 years of age, second child Cobie Chapman, who is 15.

Check out the clip of Leland Chapman holding his daughter Leiah Chapman as a baby!

These two children are from Maui Chapman and his young daughter Leiah Breanna Chapman, is from his ex-girlfriend Lynette Yi. He really adores his youngest child and frequently shares pictures with her on his Instagram.

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