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Is Maggie Lindemann Queer? Learn her Dating History

Updated On 29 Jun, 2022 Published On 29 Jun, 2022
Is Maggie Lindemann Queer? Learn her Dating History

Maggie Lindemann has gained popularity for her hits Couple of Kids, Obsessed and Pretty Girl. And Maggie, the rising temperature in the music industry, believes in finally becoming who she is by being comfortable with the art she's putting out into the world.

Maggie Lindemann is the American singer-songwriter who emerged as bisexual to the public in 2016. Since Maggie began dating in 2014, she continued with an on-off relationship, and her love life hasn't worked well as anyone would expect. So here's what you need to know so far.

Is Maggie Lindemann Queer?

When Maggie Lindemann came out, being young was used against her to undermine her sense of self. Fans told her she might be confused or just trying to follow a trend or want to attend, but she didn't even try to respond to any comment.

Maggie Lindemann revealed being queer, and it was a gift for her. SOURCE: Instagram(@maggielindemann)

Musician Maggie is a queer woman who isn't scared to embrace her sexuality, which greatly impacted her life. "I think coming out helped me grow into myself and be who I am. Coming out shaped who I am today," she said in an interview.

"I finally feel like I'm not hiding anything. If I want to talk about love in my music. I don't have to worry about hiding anything about it. I can finally be and express myself," Maggie continued.

"Coming out is just one moment. Its everything. I texted my parents a moment before I posted that video, and I was not nervous. I grew up in a Christian house and I went to church my whole life. I wasn't taught that being LGBTQ was necessary wrong, but LGBTQ relationship were never talked about at all," she revealed.

Maggie Lindemann: Meet Her Ex-Boyfriends

From 2019 to 2022, Maggie was in a relationship with Brandon Arreaga, a part of the boy band PrettyMuch. "Happy birthday my Sagittarius king, the Shrek to my donkey. I feel like I luve u too much it's dangerous," Lindemann posted on her former beau's birthday.

From 2019 to 2022, Maggie was in a relationship with Brandon Arreaga. SOURCE: Instagram(@maggielindemann)

In addition, she disclosed on her Instagram stories in May 2022 that she and Arreaga had decided to part ways. Brandon is a singer, choreographer and dancer who is also a member of the entertainment group TruCrew, which influences the world with its constructive dance and music.

Well, Maggie is probably single at the moment and is not linked with anyone. The young woman is now rarely romantically linked to anyone. But there was a time when her name was associated with several men.

American singer-songwriter Maggie Lindemann with Rickey Thompson. SOURCE: Instagram(@maggielindemann)

Before Brandon, Maggie had her first high-profile affair as she dated her fellow social media star Carter Reynolds in 2014, faced their relationship issue and eventually broke up in 2015. Carter is known for his work as a Vine star and has gained millions of followers on Vine.

At the end of that year, the lady broke up after discovering that her boyfriend was texting another girl. Although the two got back together in 2015, things took an ugly turn as in July, they split again, and her ex-boyfriend wasn't ready to let go of her easily.

Maggie Lindemann celebrated her ex-boyfriend Brandon Arreaga's birthday. SOURCE: Instagram(@maggielindemann)

Reynold tells her that he will commit suicide and take revenge by making her secret relationship known to the media. Eventually, she got hospitalized after being unable to handle the pressure.

Soon, the lady moved on with Mikey Barone in 2016 and went official with their relationship. And after such abuse and heartbreak. Mikey garnered immense popularity for his YouTube personality and Instagram star work. Yes, it is true, the singer once had a relationship with Mikey.

The former flames were spotted having a good time in one of their Snapchat videos. In 2017, Maggie dated a YouTube star, Brennen Taylor. Their lovestory didn't start immediately, but it did start with friends that later became special, but like her past affairs, their relationship ended.

What Is Maggie Lindemann Famous For?

As of now, Ms. Lindemann is highly focused on her blooming music career and probably doesn't want any distraction to ruin it. Lindemann made it clear to her fans that she is a proud queer who left Texas to move to Los Angeles, which was a big deal for everyone she grew up with. 

Watch the video of Maggie Lindemann's song swixxzworld.

The lady felt she needed to prove it, but she worked hard and made a point to draw attention that her newest music is a distinct departure from her past viral bops and breakout 2016 single Pretty Girl.

In the recent singles, Human and Would I, the lady shows the audience a more mature side of herself. Since releasing her two albums, she has been busy on tours around the world in Japan and personally interacts with millions of followers on Instagram.

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