Home Article Is Nicki Aycox Married? Who is her Husband? All Details here

Is Nicki Aycox Married? Who is her Husband? All Details here

Updated On 14 Jun, 2022 Published On 14 Jun, 2022
Is Nicki Aycox Married? Who is her Husband? All Details here

Nicki Aycox lives a pleasant life with his lovely husband, with whom she's been together for so long. It's worth learning about their beautiful love life and how supportive they are of one another. Nicki Aycox, who played Meg, is battling life-threatening leukemia.

American actress-musician Nicki Aycox is famous for portraying Meg Masters in Supernatural and as a Lisa Matthews in the Indie film Lifted. But what about her love life? Is it as thrilling as her acting career? Let's get it right away in today's section!

Who is the Husband of Nicki Aycox?

Nicki Aycox is a blissfully married woman. She hasn't spoken about her husband in a well-documented manner up to this point. On December 14, 2019, Nicki posted a video with her spouse for the first time.

Nicki Aycox with her emotionally supportive husband. SOURCE: Instagram(@cashewsandolives)

To be precise, the video was shot while they were vacationing and were hiking through the woods. To date, the couple is quite secretive about their married life and still hasn't disclosed anything about their children to the media.

The lovely duo is making the most of their married life to success as they continue to find time for one another and happily reside in California. Also, Nicki is the mother of a rescue dog named Olive.

Nicki Aycox is famous for her portrayal of Meg Masters in Supernatural. SOURCE: Instagram(@cashewsandolives)

Nicki Aycox hasn't had an easy life over the years. She has been suffering from a major health issue all these years. Nicki revealed her battle with leukemia in early 2021, and the family is going through an emotional phase. Despite all these, the family stands strong for one another and supports Nicki in fighting her illness.

Nicki Aycox - Fighting Leukemia

The former actress hopes to be out of her leukemia nightmare by the holidays of 2022, which was first diagnosed in early 2021. Angie, who tried her best to deal with her illness, shows a warrior spirit.

During one of the most difficult times in her life, she regularly hikes in forest mountains. The news shocked many of her audiences, and many Instagram comments flooded to support her battle with leukemia.

Nicki Aycox revealed her fight against leukemia. SOURCE: Instagram(@cashewsandolives)

Nicki Aycox had treatment for leukemia and, in March of 2022, was looking for temp(2-4 months) accommodation close to her treatment at City of Hope Medical Centre in Duarte, CA.

"If anyone knows someone or currently hosts a rental home/townhouse near the City of Hope, let me know," Nicki requested help on Instagram with a snap of herself lying on a hospital bed.

In the next clip posted on March 25, 2022, Aycox appeared to sing 80s music after taking high doses of chemo treatment. In her previous IG post, she uploaded a picture of her bald head, and in her bio, she mentioned having another stem cell transplant, possibly t-cell therapy.

The sweetheart of Nicki emotionally supports his wife in carrying her fight against illness, one thing that the strong independent woman could not do alone. Also, Nicki thanked all the nurses, doctors and staff at Riverside Community Hospital who treated her. 

Nicki Aycox - Dated Actor Al Santos

In 2002, Nicki got linked with another actor named Al Santos. Al is a former model who now works as an actor in Hollywood. The two met in the set of Jeepers and Creepers 2 and hooked up after a meeting.

Check out the video of Nicki Aycox on Supernatural.

Further, Nicki is popular for landing a role in Jeepers Creepers II and on the television show Grosse Point, portraying Johhny Bishop. After parting ways with Santos, Nicki had been romantically linked with Camille Guaty, Jodi Lyn O' Keefe and Kaley Cuoco.

Nicki Aycox - Avid Social Media User

Nicki Aycox, famous for her hazelnut-colored eyes, is active on social media platforms. Ms. Aycox remains in touch with fans and followers via her media pages like Instagram and Twitter.

In addition, Nicki, on her Twitter account, has amassed 5,143 followers and has approximately a following of more than 3,520 people. Apart from that, Nicki is doing well in preventing her name from appearing in the list of rumors or controversies.

With all the support from her well-wishers and family, Nicki is still recovering and fighting her illness with a smile. And we wish her the very best for a blissful life with her family in the following days.

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