The well-renowned actress Patricia Clarkson has enjoyed a largely successful professional career, but it's usually her personal life which tends to create intrigue amongst her fans. Her dating endeavor is not as mainstream as you would expect from a Hollywood celebrity.

Today, in this section we'll talk about the love life of this veteran actress as well as the history of her past affairs. Without further ado, let's get to it.

Actress Patricia Clarkson, 58-Still Not Married; Is She Dating Someone? 

The 58-year-old actress is currently single. In fact, she is never married and shares no children. It seems to be completely her own choice as she claims she has never been fascinated by the prospect of spending the life together with a special partner.

Clarkson was asked during an interview the reasons behind her reluctance to take her wedding vows and if she plans to tie the knot in the future.

Patricia Clarkson as Joy Burns in Pieces of April
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Moreover, she was asked if it's a deliberate choice. She said:

"No, it's not deliberate. Don't get me wrong, I hate being single. I've had beautiful, extraordinary men in my life and I wouldn't change any of that. But I've never wanted to marry, I've never wanted children – I was born without that gene."

Patricia went on to reveal there are men in her life and, she, in fact, dates, although she admits it's not as much as she probably should. She continued:

"I love being in love – I'm a moth to a flame. It is, I think, the reason we're here."

Clarkson's personality appears to be the one who craves for love, but not the kind of love that turns into an obligation. She does not want to be alone, but she appears to be someone not entirely fond of doing life together through long-term commitment.

Clarkson's reluctance to have children could be a key factor for her insistence to remain single for so long. It's unlikely to find a partner who wouldn't want kids in his life. Moreover, she may not want to deprive someone of the joy of children just because she does not find delight at such things.

The actress claimed she won't get married and she seemed pretty firm about it. Now in her 50s, it's unlikely she could ever turn into a bride. However, the most significant aspect remains one must do what makes them happy. Patricia is certainly happy with the way she is and nobody could blame her!

Patricia Clarkson's Rumoured Affair With A Former Co-Star

Patricia Clarkson was reportedly in a relationship with Campbell Scott in the early 00s. They starred together in the 2005 movie directed by Craig Daniel titled The Dying Gaul. They portrayed husband and wife on screen.

Patricia Clarkson attending Pieces of April at Lansky Lounge in 2003 with rumored boyfriend Campbell Scott
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Earlier, the reel life couple was rumored to be dating in real life too. The alleged pair sparked dating rumors in 2003 when they attended the post-premiere of the comedy movie titled Pieces of April.

However, the rumors never really intensified further and it was completely put to bed in 2009 when Campbell married actress Kathleen McElfresh.

The former pair appeared on screen once again in 2017 when they were cast together in the fifth season of House of Cards. Besides Scott, Patricia admitted to dating numerous men, but none of them were revealed to public knowledge.

Patricia Clarkson: Quick Facts


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  • Born on 29th December 1959 in New Orleans, Los Angeles.
  • Her birth sign is Capricorn.
  • Her parents are Jackie Clarkson and Arthur Clarkson.
  • She went to Fordham University and Yale School of Drama.
  • She made her big screen debut with The Untouchables in 1987.
  • She is best known for her brilliant performance in the 2003 movie Pieces of April.
  • She won two Emmy Awards for her performance in the HBO Series Six Feet Under.
  • She won Tony Award for her stage performance in The Elephant Man.
  • She played the role of Ava Paige in the Maze Runner Films.
  • She played the role of Emma Stone's mother in the comedy film Easy A.
  • Her net worth is estimated to be $3 million.