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Is Sonic the Hedgehog Star Lee Majdoub Married? Actor Speaks Three Languages

Updated On 02 Mar, 2020 Published On 02 Mar, 2020
Is Sonic the Hedgehog Star Lee Majdoub Married? Actor Speaks Three Languages

Lee Majdoub could hit us with a car and we would apologize for getting on his way. Cause that's how much we admire this beautiful human being.

Mr. Majdoub isn't only blessed with a handsome face but with acting talents too, something he proved all along. But, clearly, fame has only begun for this flawless man who is now better known for voicing Agent Stone on Sonic the Hedgehog co-starring Jim Carrey and Silas Dingamor on Dirk Genty's Holistic Detective Agency where he romanced fellow co-actor Christopher Russell.

But, of course, Majdoub and Russell are not together in real life. Not to mention, Majdoub is not even gay. So, the question arises; who is the person the actor romances in his real life? Is Lee Majdoub taken? Has he already tied the knot?

Lee Majdoub's Married Life; It's Confusing

Any person would be lucky to have Majdoub as their life partner. And, the sad news is the fact that Lee Majdoub is a taken man. Oh dear, can you hear the sound of our heart shattering into million pieces?

Lee Majdouba on the set of Dirk Genty's Holistic Detective Agency. SOURCE: Pinterest

As an actor, Majdoub comprehensively likes to keep his personal life under his vest from the prying eyes of the public. Speaking of which, relationship or his love life are not exempted from the table either.

Majdoub, also known for his performance in The 100 once made sure to mention and thank the special person of his life along with his family for their support through a tweet shared in 2018 after he attended the LEO Awards ceremony.

Lee Majdoub thanks his partner and family for their support. SOURCE: Twitter

Majdoub has since seldom mentioned his partner. As of Feb 2020, Majdoub is yet to be spotted with any woman that can be speculated to be his partner. In fact, it's also hard to know whether Majdoub and his mysterious partner are married or not.

Majdoub's Heritage; Lebanese Who Speaks Three Languages

The dark-haired beauty carries the ancestry of being Arabian. Majdoub who flaunts dazzling Brown eyes is a child of immigrant parents who moved to Canada from Tripoli Lebanon where the actor was born.

Lee Majdouba alongside his parents who moved from Lebanon to Canada. SOURCE: Lee Majdouba Instagram

As a matter of fact, Majdoub is one of the three children of his parents. He, in fact, grew up with two sisters; Mariam Majdoub Lam and younger one who goes by the name, Aicha Majdoub. Lee's sister can be also credited with encouraging him to pursue a career as an actor.

Lee's sister Mariam is a married woman with a child. The actor is also a very proud uncle who often shares adorable snaps of his nephew. Speaking of Aicha, she is a queer woman who once shared that coming out of the closet was only easier for her because of her supportive parents.

Actor Lee Majdouba takes a selfie with his sister Aicha and Mariam Majdouba. SOURCE: Lee Majdouba Facebook

Meanwhile, Lebanon, Canada, and the United States aren't the only countries Majdoub has lived as he also shared a portion of his life in Italy, Switzerland, which assisted him in learning and speaking three languages including Arabic and English.

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