Some celebrities are like an open book when it comes to their personal life, while the others keep the lid completely shut on their personal endeavors. Chris Stirewalt certainly belongs to the latter category.

It's a choice whether or not you prefer to maintain an incredible amount of privacy on your dating life. However, Stirewalt seems to take it up a notch by barely giving away anything at all. 

Is Chris Stirewalt Married?

Chris Stirewalt is as private as they come when it concerns his personal life. He is yet to reveal any of his dating endeavors. However, the common consensus seems to be he is unmarried or so it is believed.

An extremely private personality Chris Stirewalt
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It's unclear why Chris prefers to keep his personal life at bay, but he seems like a person who is fully engrossed in his career. It's no wonder he's managed to enjoy a remarkable career.

As much as Stirewalt managed to keep his personal life under the wraps, the media tried to leak some rumors surrounding his mysterious love life.

Back in the day, Chris was rumored to be dating his Fox-News co-host, Dana Perino.

The fans certainly loved the pair. Some even expressed their desire on social media on why the pair should get married as they would make an amazing couple. 

Chris Stirewalt and Dana Perino
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However, the speculation turned out to be a false rumor with barely any substance. In fact, Chris addresses Dana as 'sister'.

Moreover, Dana is happily married to Peter McMahon since 1998. The rumor, however, helped solidify the claim that Chris is not married. But then again one of his tweets from 2015 raised eyebrows where he said:

"That moment when your kids sing along with Hank Williams songs on the chorus.."

Only Stirewalt knows what he means by this cryptic tweet. In fact, Chris' love life is so confined it's difficult to crack down his largely mysterious love life.

Besides his low key life, Chris is known to openly support gay marriage. He wrote an article titled "Why Polls Overstate Support for Gay Marriage" for Fox News on 26th March 2013. In the article, he discussed whether the Supreme Court should have the authority to ban same-sex marriage.

Chris Stirewalt's Relationship With His Parents

Chris Stirewalt whose love life is largely in the dark shares a beautiful bond with his parents.

In an article published by Fox News on 26th May 2014, Chris revealed the fact that during his childhood, he along with his father and now deceased mother used to visit a local soldiers cemetery. They would pay their respects to the veterans who died for the country.

Chris Stirewalt shares a beautiful bond with his parents
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On 17th March 2015, Stirewalt shared an old picture of his mother on Twitter. Chris said he was thinking about her. In the tweet, Chris described his mother as a "formidable Irishwoman".

On 18th October 2015, Chris shared a tweet remembering a song his parents used to sing him during his childhood. The song is titled 'You Are My Sunshine'.

Chris still carries the sadness of his mother's tragic death. Perhaps thanks to the blessing of his mother he has managed to become immensely successful in his career.

Chris Stirewalt's Career

Chris Stirewalt initially worked for The Washington Examiner as a political examiner. He wrote a two weekly column during the time. In July 2010, Chris began his career in Fox News.

Fox News journalist Chris Stirewalt
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Currently, Stirewalt is the political editor for Fox News which is based in Washington, DC. Moreover, he is also a co-host of the podcast 'Perino & Stirewalt: I’ll Tell You What'. Furthermore, Chris is the host of a feature video series on called Power Play.

Stirewalt has made appearances in several programs throughout his career. The most notable ones include America’s Newsroom, Special Report with Bret Baier and Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

Stirewalt also worked at the Charleston Daily Mail and West Virginia Media as politics editor.

Chris Stirewalt: Quick Facts


Source: Fox News
  • Born on 17th November 1975 in Wheeling, West Virginia.
  • His birth sign is Scorpio.
  • He was raised in West Virginia.
  • His mother is Joan Marie McCarthy who passed away.
  • His parents loved listening and singing Johnny Cash.
  • He has a sister named Kirsten Powers.
  • He went to The Whitfield School and The Linsly School.
  • He graduated from Hampden-Sydney College in 1997.