Home Article Is The Shameless Actress Ruby Modine Dating Anyone?

Is The Shameless Actress Ruby Modine Dating Anyone?

Published On 11 Dec, 2019
Is The Shameless Actress Ruby Modine Dating Anyone?

More than a year later, Ruby Modine and her boyfriend are still standing strong. Everything about the Shameless actress's relationship and dating affair.

Ruby Modine & Her Boyfriend Of Over A Year

Daughter of American actor Matthew Modine recognized for his performance in hit Hollywood films such as Full Metal Jacket has been together and married to his one true love aka wife Caridad Rivera for more than nearly four decades.

Mr. Modine's professional career certainly can be credited for making her daughter actress Ruby Modine follow the same footstep. But, it is also his married life that inspired Ruby to have a sustainable relationship someday. Well, has the Shameless actress found anyone special yet that she sees the future of in likeness of her parents?

Actress Ruby Modine and her boyfriend Aaron Gallagher. SOURCE: Ruby Modine Instagram

Modine is indeed in a relationship with her handsome boyfriend, none other than, Aaron Thomas Abel Gallagher who she has been dating for more roughly two years since 2018.

Who Is Modine's Boyfriend?

Since you're here, you must be wondering who is Aaron and what does he do? The dark-haired handsome with a chiseled jawline and a tall and lean body figure can be undoubtedly mistaken as an actor by anyone.

Ruby Modine and her boyfriend Aaron Gallagher have been dating since 2018. SOURCE: Ruby Modine Instagram

But, unlike his stunning girlfriend, Modine, who is highly prominent for her appearance in tv shows such as Happy Death Day, Satanic Panic and Merry Xmas, Gallagher isn't an actor. But, close enough, the handsome hunk of above six feet is a photographer and a model repped by NTA Models.

Ruby made her relationship with her beau official in September 2018 by sharing a lovey-dovey picture of themselves sharing a bite of watermelon slice whilst Aaron can be spotted shirtless. And, since then, the model has often been proudly showed off by his girlfriend on Instagram.

Ruby Modine and her boyfriend bite a slice of watermelon. SOURCE: Ruby Modine Instagram

Not to mention, in February this year, as of 2019, Ruby even wished her man a Happy Valentine Day with further mentioning she hoped for forever with Gallagher. Likewise, in a recent post, Aaron posted a picture of themselves declaring how he loves his girlfriend more than vanilla lattes and avocado toast.

Hopefully, their relationship will be as exemplary as Ruby's parents.

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