Home Article Is Tracy Chapman Yet to Find a Boyfriend or She is Secretly Enjoying a Life with Husband?

Is Tracy Chapman Yet to Find a Boyfriend or She is Secretly Enjoying a Life with Husband?

Updated On 13 Aug, 2019 Published On 13 Aug, 2019
Is Tracy Chapman Yet to Find a Boyfriend or She is Secretly Enjoying a Life with Husband?

Living a mysterious personal life, Tracy Chapman holds quite an interesting life. She seems to be trying to hide almost every detail of her personal life from media.

The American singer and songwriter, Tracy Chapman, has an illustrious famous career in the industry. What's fascinating for her fans and followers is to learn about her private life. You might wanna know more about her intimate life, so let's have a look at it in the article below!

Tracy Chapman Relationship Status; Is She Married?

Tracy Chapman is a lady with a mysterious personal life as she rarely speaks about it. With the information media holds about her, she's not married to anyone so far.

Tracy Chapman performing on TED.
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The 55-years-old keeps her relationship status to herself, which generates an idea; she might be secretly married. If that's the case, she is master of maintaining the secrecy of her life, as there's no clue about her husband, available to media.

Chapman was in a sweet relationship in the mid-'90s. Moreover, she dated a famous writer, Alice Walker. The duo had a romantic relationship back in the days and was open about it. Nevertheless, only a few people were aware of their dating life.

Alice Walker; Author who dated Tracy Chapman in the mid-'90s.
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Talking about the relationship with Tracy, Walker said,

"It was delicious and lovely and wonderful and I totally enjoyed it and I was completely in love with her but it was not anybody's business but ours."

Fast Car singer, Tracy manages her personal life and professional life on equal balance and keeps it under wraps. She spoke about it saying,

"I have a public life that's my work life and I have my personal life. In some ways, the decision to keep the two things separate relates to the work I do."

Tracy looks to be enjoying her single life as of now. What matters the most for her is to live a life away from the media spotlight, and she seems to be doing it pretty well.

Tracy Chapman's Sexual Orientation

Tracy Chapman is quite secretive about her sexual orientation as she has not openly spoken about it so far. What's interesting is she dated someone of the same gender in the past, but never talked if she's lesbian.

American singer-songwriter Tracy Chapman is in the industry for over three decades.

Every single admirer of Tracy is curious to learn about her love life and sexual orientation. Having dated a female, she's certainly attracted towards woman, but her attraction towards male is still a mystery.

Tracy maintains low key life about her sexual orientation as she decides to avoid any talks regarding it. Moreover, she's in the public eye for over three decades and keeping her details under wraps; she deserves some plaudits for that.

Tracy Chapman Quick Facts

Tracy Chapman performs her song, Fast Car.
  • Born on March 30, 1964, (age 55 as of 2019) on Cleveland, Ohio, United States.
  • Stands a height of 5'3" or 1.64 meters and has black hair and eye color.
  • She is an American singer-songwriter who makes the songs of folk, blues rock, pop, and soul genre.
  • Raised by her mother and started playing guitar and writing songs at the age of eight.
  • Attended Wooster School and later, went to Tufts University from where she graduated with a BA degree in Anthropology.
  • Like Ellen DeGeneres, Tracy is a famous lesbian.
  • She holds the net worth of around $8 million.

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