Home Article Is WWE Wrestler Kanako Urai Aka Asuka Hiding Her Boyfriend? But Why Would She?

Is WWE Wrestler Kanako Urai Aka Asuka Hiding Her Boyfriend? But Why Would She?

Updated On 02 Nov, 2023 Published On 28 Jan, 2020
Is WWE Wrestler Kanako Urai Aka Asuka Hiding Her Boyfriend? But Why Would She?

With nearly two decades of WWE career, there's still not a single clue about the married life of the Japanese wrestler Kanoko Urai who chose to fight under her ring name, Asuka.

Is Asuka single? Is she married? Does she even have a boyfriend or anyone in an aspect of that manner? To begin with, it's a matter of confusion and puzzled personal life when it comes to the former PWI winner. But, here's what we know so far.

Who is Kanako Urai's Husband?

Whilst some reports on the internet imply Kanako Urai is married to some guy named Jadarius Mckenzie, other claims she is the wife of a man who goes by the name of Daisuke Urai. Till now, the WWE star has managed to keep the details regarding her husband under wraps.

WWE Wrestler champ, Kanako Asuka. SOURCE: Pinterest

The WWE champ has millions of fans, mostly males, undoubtedly. And, it would be no new or strange thing that the news of Kanako being romantically linked with a man would break their hearts, something we previously discussed in detail.

But, truth be told, Kanako rarely ever speaks about her life matter, let alone anything about the special guy in her life. Some assumption, however, claims Urai is doing it on purpose or she is being compelled to never share anything on her personal life with the public, including on her social media.

Kanako Urai pictured with a fan. SOURCE: WWE

Asuka's decision to keep her personal life private, as evident from her absence of any mentions or posts about her husband on her social media, indicates her preference for a more discreet and reserved lifestyle. The question is, why would Kanako be constrained to do such a thing that makes no sense at all?

Urai Is A Mum; But Is She Hiding The Identity Of Her Husband And Child? 

Asuka keeps her personal life private, and whether she has children with her husband remains a mystery, much like the rest of her personal details. Well, the reason Kanoko Urai never tends to share stuff in her personal life is rooted in the matter of her marketing. If you think about it, most of the Asian agencies including, the ones in Japanese and Korean cultures, exclusively, make celebrities often hide their relationships.

WWE Wrestler Kanako Urai pictured with Michael Majalahti. SOURCE: Asuka twitter

In some matters, the rising stars even fake date fellow celebrities to boost their career. And, this is because making the fans know about certain celebrities' relationships can reduce the PR hype and the desirability of him/her among their fans.

The theory can be understandable in the case of Urai too, who is a mother and a married woman. Sure, the Japanese undefeated champ is yet to break a word, but her fellow opponent, Charlotte Flair, the daughter of Ric Flair, who fought for the title of WWE Women Wrestlemania in 2018 was the one to share the news.

See the video below where WWE superstar Charlotte Flair talks about her matchup with Asuka.

But, what is the exact truth? Of course, accuracy on the correct information can't be figured out unless Urai, makes the move herself. At least, we know for a fact, that Urai has been a married woman all this time.

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