Home Article Is the Japanese Wrestler Asuka Married or She Is Dating a Boyfriend? Her Affairs And Rumors

Is the Japanese Wrestler Asuka Married or She Is Dating a Boyfriend? Her Affairs And Rumors

Updated On 03 Apr, 2022 Published On 24 Jan, 2019
Is the Japanese Wrestler Asuka Married or She Is Dating a Boyfriend? Her Affairs And Rumors

Know about the relationships of reigning champion of women's WWE Royal Rumble, Asuka. Know if she is married, dating? Also, know about the diva's untold story before WWE.

Kanako Urai, better known by her ring name “Asuka” on the WWE world rose to fame by her talent, skills and with all that signature moves. Alongside the title holder of the first Women’s Royal Rumble match, she was also able to earn the Longest undefeated streak in WWE history.

With Asuka's fans on the edge of their seat, we will today rather deal with Asuka's life that often some chose to ignore. So here we are with Asuka's life far away from WWE's combat podium; to know if she is dating or married?

Also, you might not want to miss the stories of the hardships this girl faced prior to her wrestling career. 

Is Asuka Dating? Or Is She Married?

Asuka's dating stories are often only a matter of speculation from her fans. They can't help themselves but often wonder if she is actually mingling with any guy.

But much to rumor-hungry tabloids, unfortunately, Asuka doesn't seem to be in such lovey-dovey drama for her own good. And as it turns out the wrestler is very much single. But, recently, it's been revealed that Asuka is a married woman and also shares a son.

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So what is the reason behind this apathy of hers towards the love?

Well, given she is human, and considering her ascending age, you might bet on her to have some fling at maybe some point in her life or career. But the talented superstar, Asuka seems rather focused on becoming the best in her chosen field.

And until now, this badass's combatting skills are such that it somehow threw her fans completely off the case of her relationship topic.

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And to those who are startling further ahead with Asuka's matrimonials, then it might be an even bigger disappointment for you. With almost a zero chances of seeing Asuka with any guy, the odds of her being hitched seems nothing but nada and nada only.

On the bright side those who were crushing on her from the beginning, for now, you can rest assured as the 36-year-old, Asuka is still yet to share her vows and heart, for the matter. 

Asuka's Untold Stories; Some Unknown Facts About Urai Kanako

When you see Asuka now knocking off her foe like she was born for this, then you wouldn't think for a second as to what might she be if it wasn't for the WWE. But it probably might shock you in knowing that this Japanese warrior first choice career was rather something else.

Asuka vs Bayley

Asuka originally studied to be a graphic designer but later on, she went on to turn her pursue in professional wrestling. And this was after she graduated from Osaka University of Arts Junior College.

But there was more to that. Sadly, Asuka's dream of making it to the WWE almost never happened when in 2006 she became quite fragile with Chronic Nephritis, an inflammation of the kidneys.

With the NXT Championship on hand and the disease on the other, Asuka hurdled for a while taking a hiatus from wrestling. In between, she also went on to open her own graphic design agency.

With that, it also looked like as if she was already done with her fighting career. On the contrary, she fought it hard and eventually return to the business 18 months later. And so they say, the rest became indeed nothing but only a history.

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Besides being a true fighter in every manner, Asuka is also a cool character on her own. To say more, this WWE diva goes all the way down to her taste in music since the Royal Rumble winner is a huge fan of some alternative music. Asuka relates herself as a die-hard fan of bands such as Guns N' Roses, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi.

Furthermore, she also enjoys some old school rock and American stadium rock. Add to the twist, many of her WWE rosters don't even understand her choice of genre, but this is just another thing that shows just how much of an easy going Asuka really is (outside the ring of course!).

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That doesn't really end Asuka's awesomeness in there. Asuka is also a huge gameaholic in her leisure, so much so that she owns her own graphic design agency. Not to mention again,  she worked as a graphic designer and even wrote for Xbox Magazine and designed graphics for Nintendo DS and a number of other mobile applications.

We Are Still not Done with Her; Asuka's Own Hair Salon!

Ever wondered how come Asuka's hair always look outrageously vibrant with all that elegance of colors? Somehow Asuka always manages to ensure that her hair stands out, but unlike many of the other women in the WWE locker room, Asuka doesn't rely on WWE stylists to maintain her look, she does this herself.


To unfold the fuss, it all began when Asuka was pursuing a career in graphic design. And around this break of Asuka's from WWE, she rather opened herself a hair salon in Yokohama called Another Heaven.

Asuka also seems to be very proud of this side business of hers. In fact, she never misses sprinkling the salon on her Social Media which goes by the handle, wwe_asuka.

Quick Facts: Asuka

  • Asuka(Kanako Urai) was born on September 26, 1981 in Osaka Japan.
  • Besides the WWE name, Asuka Urai is also known for other aliases such as Kana-Hime, Princess Kana, Ramen Woman Skull Reaper Kana, and Tomoe Gozen.
  • Asuka's billed height and weight stand at 1.60 m (5 ft 3 in) and 62 kg (137 lb), respectively.
  • Asuka currently resides in Florida US.
  • Asuka is among the famous celebrity of Japanese origin including Hiroko Tabuchi.
  • Asuka currently sits atop an estimated amount of $1 million to her net worth.

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