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Jane Seymour Lost 12 Pounds In Three Weeks; She Adopted This Fasting Method & Quit A Habit

Updated On 22 Feb, 2020 Published On 20 Feb, 2020
Jane Seymour Lost 12 Pounds In Three Weeks; She Adopted This Fasting Method & Quit A Habit

Can you freaking believe it Jane Seymour will soon embrace her seventies next year, yet she still looks fifteen years younger?

Recently at the SAG Awards held in January 2020, the evergreen actress arrived at the car carpet looking scrumptiously beautiful like always in a shimmering silver dress. And, her weight loss of a whopping 12 pounds in only three weeks was clearly visible too. Luckily for us, Miss Seymour whose real name is Joyce Penelope Wilhelmina Frankenberg didn't hesitate to share her secrets to stay fit and healthy. So, what are Seymour's secrets?

Well, Jane Seymour Gave Up Drinking

Previously with admitting that getting thin makes one or herself look older, Seymour shared she doesn't mind aging and accepts the process of getting old as a part of a normal human being life. Needless to say, Seymour who also underwent breast implant has no problem with being lean or getting leaner, in consideration of her recent weight loss.

Jane Seymour flaunts her 12 pounds weight loss at the SAG Awards 2020. SOURCE: Pop Sugar

Speaking more of the 12 pounds weight loss, Seymour wanted to treat herself for her 69th birthday. And, Seymour who has endured four failed marriages, prefers natural ways to keep her body healthy and fit and instantly applied some of the natural methods twenty-one days prior to her birthday.

For Seymour, she went for the option of quitting the consumption of alcohol. As per health experts, drinking alcohol on a high amount can prevent the body from burning fats and even leads to weight gain as it makes you constantly hungry. It is resulted due to the calories present in alcohol that risk the high chances of weight gain.

Additionally, not only does alcohol can cause you weight gain but other negative health conditions too, such as high blood pressure, heart and liver disease, high rate of triglycerides, and stroke. However, it also depends of the amount of alcohol consumption as some research states that people who irregularly drink are more likely to gain weight than the ones who regularly drink them.

Seymour Also Adopted Intermittent Fasting

Alongside, giving up alcohol, Seymour also changed the habits of eating and followed the intermittent fasting diet method where Seymore ate in between a certain period of time and fasted for the rest of the hours of the day. Intermittent fasting grew more popular in recent decades and a lot of weight and health concern people opt for this method to achieve their weight loss goals.

Jane Seymour adopted an intermittent fasting diet to lose 12 pounds in 23 days. SOURCE: Jane Seymour Instagram

One of the most popular intermittent fasting diet methods includes the Eat-Stop-Eat diet where the person doesn't eat anything for the whole day in a week or two. Likewise, another fasting method on the list involves the 5:2 method where you don't take anything continuously for two days a week.

Not only does intermittent fasting benefits for your weight loss concern, but it also assists in preventing our body from neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson’s & Alzheimer’s.

It easily explains how Seymour was able to lose 12 pounds in only three weeks. And, in results, the London born actress also enjoyed the benefits of being able to fit into her old clothes.

Learn More Seymour's Beauty Secrets; 

Additionally, the Somewhere in Time star strongly believes and seems to promote natural beauty, at least for herself. But, not just as an actress, Jane genuinely is not a fan of getting cosmetic beauty procedures such as surgeries and botox to enhance her natural beauty. The mother of four, however, likes to get her hair colored in between three or four weeks.

Jane Seymour walks every day at Malibu beach to keep herself youthful. SOURCE: Jane Seymour Instagram

Interestingly, Seymore also doesn't buy the belief that the color black is flattering at all. Referencing that Chanel made black dresses with white collars for a reason, the actress likes it better to wear light-colored dresses, especially near the facial area.

Similarly, some of her other beauty tips are equally simple and easy peasy too. Even at this age, Jane still actively keeps herself busy with physical activities and exercises such as Lightweight, Pilates, and Gyrotonics. Adding more, to keep herself youthful, Seymore loves walking around the Malibu beach every day.

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