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Is Jane Seymour and James Keach are officially divorced?

Updated On 22 Feb, 2020 Published On 14 Jan, 2016

By the time when Jane Seymour and James Keach states that they are officially getting married, all of the fans and well-wishers were happy and wishing them a piece of very good luck but none of them knew their relationship will last only for two decades. That was the fourth time of Jane getting married. 

Jane Seymour and James Keach are Officially Divorced

The "Live and Let Die" cast Jane and her husband of twenty years are officially divorced. It was first marriage to James Keach but fourth for Jane Seymour, the Emmy winning actress. Yet, after the years like many of their fans, Jane also never thought that she would be getting a divorce from her co-star turned husband. The 67 lookers and Keach met on the sets of TV series, Sunstroke. 

After knowing in a few months, James proposed to her but Seymour was not ready as she was recovering from a foul marriage with her third husband, David Flynn. She was in the process of making herself economically stable.

Jane and James Keach were married for more than 20 years, from May 15, 1993, to December 2015. The wedding ceremony was attended by over 500 people. Either of the pair was living a happy life being a husband and wife. They are parents of two children, twins sons named John Stacy Keach and Kristopher Keach born on 30 November 1995.

Back then, the duo once stated, even right after the divorce, they will be staying as an understanding friend for each other no matter what. As stated by Seymour, being hitched for two decades and staying as just friends for the rest of life is not so easy as stated.

But this is life and it goes on according to her. According to the sources, Jane stated it was a hard decision for her and for this she has also cried a lot ruining her tears across. Seymour who lost 12 pounds (nearly 5 kg) in only three weeks also asked herself a series of questions and answered herself whether she is doing a correct decision or not.

Her net worth is appropriate for her healthy and wealthy life. Seymour who also had undergone plastic surgeries is planning for a good career with her kids. Jane stated she will not be harming their personal life relating to the marital decision of the couple. A similar point of view was made by James. 

Keach was planning to settle down in a new house bought by him and shift along with his new life. They were not ready at the very beginning to start another relationship. James states it needs him for some time and for that he will be thinking a lot. Maybe it was god's will, both of them parted ways a few months after he planned to give their homely environment for their sons. 

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