Home Article Jason Carroll is still single,Who is he Dating?Know about his Affairs and Relationship Rumors

Jason Carroll is still single,Who is he Dating?Know about his Affairs and Relationship Rumors

Updated On 27 Feb, 2023 Published On 21 Jun, 2017
Jason Carroll is still single,Who is he Dating?Know about his Affairs and Relationship Rumors

American journalist Jason Carroll is still single. He is not still married and not even planned to get his life on a new level in days to come.

American journalist Jason Carroll is currently working as a national correspondent for CNN. Though he initiated his career as a model after high school, he is currently the rising star in the field of journalism.

Despite his amazing career as a host and correspondent, he's been a little passive regarding his affairs. His emerging name and fame have made his fans and media curious about his personal life.

Well, in today's session lets get to know about him up close and personal.

Jason Carroll is Still Single and focused on his career

According to some sources, it's clear that Jason is not married yet. Details on his personal life are kept on the down low, and that's making his fans go crazy to get personal information about him.

He has not been involved with anyone in the past; not even rumored to be linked with anybody till date. These reasons have raised a question on his sexual preference. People once even speculated about Jason being gay like his fellow reporter Anderson Cooper.

CNN's anchor and correspondent Jason Carroll, Source: CNN

He has kept his social sites like Instagram and Facebook private. So not much information can be extracted from there.

Here is a CNN's Jason reporting Donald Trump who kicked a baby out and 'the crowd enjoyed it':


We cannot doubt on anybody's sexuality until they reveal the fact in mass. So Carroll is a straight man and is currently single.


Carroll seems more focused on his career rather than being in any kind of relationship. Source: Twitter

Quick Facts About Jason Carroll


  • Born in Westlake Village, California to the family of Larry Carroll.
  • Enrolled the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.
  • Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Literature and Creative writing.
  • Initiated his career as a model but redirected his passion as he joined KGET-TV as an intern.
  • Also worked for CBS2 before joining CNN network.
  • Has a fascinating career in CNN internationals working with many famous faces in CNN family including Hala Gorani, Sanjay Gupta, Hannah Storm, Christiane Amanpour, Betty Nguyen, and Amy Walter
  • Co-hosted a show entitled Ahead of the Curve, a morning show aired on several channels under CNN network.
  • Known for his in-depth reporting on 2008 presidential election campaign.
  • Covered breaking news stories including the devastating earthquake in Haiti, several Hurricanes including the Hurricane Katrina, the war in Afganistan and many others.
  •  Praised with numerous awards including Edward R. Murrow Award in the year 2011.
  • Also got a nomination for Daytime Emmy Award for his remarkable dedication to the morning program.
  • Has an attractive and smart personality with an alluring face cut.
  • Has not mentioned his net worth till date but speculated to have an attractive annual salary with huge net worth.
  •  Has more than ten thousand followers on Twitter.

Well, all in all, we congratulate the talented reporter for his outstanding career. 

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