Jay Onrait, a Canadian television personality, and sports anchor is a romantic person. Not all TV personalities are great at personal life but Jay has mastered the art of having a good relationship.

Even though Onrait's relationship with his first wife, Darcy Modin, didn't end up well and it looks like he learned from his mistakes and now he's totally enjoying his time with his current wife, Chobi Liang.

Jay Onrait Current Relationship Status

Jay Onrait and his wife Chobi Liang, a former TSN PR got married in October of 2013. The couple hasn't had any disputes in their life. The couple has 2 children currently. The couple enjoys every festival they stumble upon, as per Onrait's Instagram.

Jay Onrait and Chobi Liang 

Onrait recently shared a picture of his new-born child on his Instagram. Jay Onrait is totally a good father. Onrait seems totally obsessed with his babies. He posts numerous pictures of him and his child on his Instagram. The second child of Onrait was born in November of 2018.

Jay Onrait and his second baby

Jay Onrait's Past Affair

Jay Onrait was involved with another woman, Darcy Modin before he married Liang. Onrait and Modin were, in fact, married before Onrait married Liang. Even though Onrait and Modin's marriage date is unknown, they finally split-up in 2002.

Darcy Modin

Darcy Modin
Source: Corte Island

Modin and Onrait didn't have any child. Jay only has children from his wife, Chobi Liang. After his divorce with Darci Modin, Onrait didn't marry anyone till 2013. Since information about him dating anyone after his divorce is not available, it is pretty obvious he got more involved in his career.

Jay Onrait's Career

Jay Onrait attended Ryerson University. He worked as an assistant editor during his college time. This is his first step toward his successful career apparently. He went to CFSK-TV in Saskatoon for sports director, later on, but became the host of The Big Breakfast on A-Channel in Winnipeg.

Jay Onrait to leave TSN for Fox Sports
Source: Athabasca Advocate

In 2001, he worked as a host in the show, NHL on the Fly and Molson That's Hockey 2 after joining NHL Network. He also hosted Sportscenter Morning Rush along with his partner Dan Toole. In 2010, he also co-hosted Winter Olympic in Vancouver and Summer Olympic in London in 2012.

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Furthermore, he also worked with the show, Fox Sports Live along with Dan Toole in 2013 for Fox Sports 1. Onrait also won Gemini Award for Best Sportscaster in 2011. Onrait works for TSN currently.

Quick Facts: Jay Onrait

  • He was born on August 29, 1974, in Canada.
  • He is 198 cm tall in height.
  • He is married twice.
  • He has co-hosted Olympics.
  • He has published two books, Anchorboy and, Number Two: More Short Tales from a Very Tall Man.