Home Article Josefin Asplund Regards Peter Franzén As Ex-Husband On Instagram; Actress Love Life In Details

Josefin Asplund Regards Peter Franzén As Ex-Husband On Instagram; Actress Love Life In Details

Updated On 05 Feb, 2020 Published On 03 Feb, 2020
Josefin Asplund Regards Peter Franzén As Ex-Husband On Instagram; Actress Love Life In Details

From Sweden to Los Angeles to Britain, actress Josefin Asplund has gone places, marking a great career in Hollywood with her fine talent and beauty.

Asplund's fanbase grew even more after she contributed as Astrid in the hit historical fantasy drama; Vikings co-starring Ruby O'Leary, Peter Franzén and Linus RoacheNeedless to say, since there has been a drastic growth in her career and fame, a great interest on her love interest has sparked too, among her fans.

Although there has never been an accurate revelation over the matter, Astrid, however, once regarded her co-star, Franzen as her ex-husband on social media. This, of course, ignited a lot of interest over her fans. But, did Josefin and Peter really get married?

The Truth Of Josefin Asplund & Peter Franzen

Precisely, the Swedish beauty took to Instagram on 3rd October 2019 the same year Vikings wrapped up filming its final and sixth season. Posting a picture of Franzen, Josefin sweetly wrote: "Good luck on the final season dear ex-husband!" in the caption section.

The picture showcased Franzen rocking a kimono styled costume as he carried an umbrella. But, of course, the fans were more curious and interested on the caption with the fact that Josefin mentioned the Finnish actor as her ex-husband.

Josefin Asplund shares a picture of co-star Peter Franzen. SOURCE: Josefin Asplund Instagram

But, speaking of truth with no exaggeration, Josefin and Peter aren't dating, let alone they ever got married. Josefin, clearly, was only talking about her onscreen relationship with the actor. Not to mention, the picture shared by Asplund was taken on the set of the series too.

And, FYI, Josefin is a married man, who has been with his wife, Irina Björklund, actress and singer from Finland, renowned for her roles in The American, Road North, since they tied the knot in 1996.

Asplund's Current Whereabouts

The graduate of Sodra Latins Gymnasium School who took further acting classes from Calle Flygares Teaterskola quickly rose to popularity for her debut role in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo alongside Daniel Craig and Rooney Mara.

Josefin Asplund is one of the casts for Top Dog. SOURCE: Josefin Asplund Instagram

As for Asplund who played the role of Pernilla in the hit film has since then appeared in other films and tv shows such as Call Girl, The Circle, Conspiracy of Silence and Sanctuary, one of her recent projects. And, after Vikings concluded, Asplund took a temporary break from acting.

And, for the fans of the actress who can't wait to see Asplund on her next project soon, she is next up for the upcoming Swedish crime thriller, Top Dog alongside Gustav Lindh, Kardo Razzazi and Joel Spira.

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