Ainsley Earhardt, the popular co-host of FOX News Channel's (FNC) Fox & Friends is now a happily married woman and also a mother of her beautiful baby daughter.

After marrying her second husband, Will Proctor, Ainsley has finally moved on with her life and the duo is undoubtedly having the best times of their lives. 

Ainsley was previously married to her college sweetheart, Kevin Mckinney, however, that relationship could not last long and they divorced in 2009 and bid adieu.

Now, Ainsley with her new husband, her adorable baby and her new book "Take Heart, My Child", is doing really well professionally and personally.

Let's take a closer look into her life and find out more about her married life.

Journalist Ainsley Earhardt's Divorce with her ex-husband Kevin.

After high school, Earhardt graduated from the University of South Carolina in B.A. in Journalism. In the meantime,  Ainsley met Kevin and they started dating and eventually, they became college sweethearts and after graduation, they decided to get married. On April of 2005, the pair tied the knot in Ainsley's hometown in Columbia, South Carolina.

Kevin McKinney

Ainsley husband's Will Proctor

They were officially a husband and wife for almost five years. However, the marriage did not last long and they divorced in 2009. They did not have any children of their own.

Rumors have that, Ainsley filed for a divorce when she found out that Kevin was allegedly having an affair with another woman.

Also, sources claimed that after that incident, Ainsley went for a vacation and came back without her wedding ring. 

Ainsley Earhardt is now happily married

After parting their ways, Kevin has disappeared from the media and has maintained quite a low profile.


Ainsley got married again. Who is her new husband?

After three years of staying single, Ainsley finally found the 'right man' for her and she decided to give love another chance. The man is none other than the handsome and famous retired Pro football player, Will Proctor.

Ainsley with her second husband, Will Proctor, Source: Facebook

According to our sources, the duo married on 13th of October in 2012. In one of the interviews, Ainsley revealed that her favorite places were home, church and Central Park. She further added:

"Central Park is my favorite place because that's where Will told me that he loved me..for the first time."

The couple eventually got married with a grand wedding involving all friends and families, medias and paparazzi. They really looked like a perfect couple who were meant to be together during that day.

Wedding pictures of Ainsley and her husband Will

Since then, life has become beautiful and meaningful for this couple. Also, rumors or gossips related to their divorce or affairs have not been heard so far and we can assume that the chances are rare for that to happen.

Will and Ainsley welcomed their baby daughter.

Ainsley and Will together have a beautiful baby daughter named Hayden Dubose Proctor. The duo gave birth to her on 7th of November last year.

They announced this wonderful news on Twitter stating how happy they were to welcome a new member to their family.

On an interview with FoxNews Insider, Ainsley shared all her experiences of her motherhood and how wonderful her life has become since the birth of her child.

Although she is busy with her work most of the time, she tries her best to spend time with her family; especially her daughter.


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Happy Mother's Day! We hope you have a special day.

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Ainsley further added:

"I think it's how you choose to go through life, and I choose to have a positive attitude, and I choose to make it work, and I feel like I try to balance it all and I know there are some days where I don't feel like I'm as good at something -- either the job or balancing being a mother, but you just do it."

"And it's awesome. It's something that's worth it to me because I can't imagine now that I have a child not being a mom."

Here's a video of  Ainsley Earhardt, Will Proctor and their daughter Hayden talking about her Bestselling Children's Book Take Heart, My Child. Enjoy watching!

All in all, we wish from the bottom of our hearts that this wonderful couple always stays together and have a happy and perfect family. 

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