Jim Acosta's credential revoked by the White House Administration and the ruling too was delayed. 

  • CNN's WH Chief Correspondent Jim Acosta fighting for his credentials. 
  • The White House administration revoked his credentials. 
  • The incident happened after he had some contentious exchange with the President.
  • CNN filed a lawsuit against the administration

Turf war among the President and the senior journalist from CNN!

President Donald Trump has been on the news for as far as we remember, be it for his scandals or his disputes with several media, especially with CNN. 

During the midterm elections press conference inside the White House, CNN found out that their Chief White House Correspondent, Jim Acosta had his credentials revoked by the White House administration.

Jim Acosta got his credential revoked
Source: People

Soon after the incident, CNN filed a lawsuit against the White House administration. U.S. District Court Judge, Timothy Kelly, Trump's appointee, had earlier intended an oral ruling for 3:00 p.m, but later delayed it to 3:00 a.m on Friday, giving no such reasons at all. 

Now CNN is claiming the revocation of Acosta's credentials is unlawful, whereas, administration thoughts otherwise. The White House gave the reason,

“Acosta disrupted the fair and orderly administration of a press conference during an exchange with the president.”

But on the other hand, CNN's lawyer argued that White House's decision of throwing Acosta out was against the first amendment and the administration didn't even provide a notice prior to taking such action. 

The WHCA later got in the matter and jointly released a statement which stated, 

“The president’s view of the law is wrong. While he may have absolute discretion to exclude a member of the press from his Trump Tower residence, he does not have absolute discretion to exclude a member of the press from the White House.”

And to answer their allegations, the administration's attorney, James Burnham, said the President can exercise such power to allow media inside the White House on his own discretion. He further added in order to enter the White House there is no inclusion of First Amendment.

He finally ended by saying, 

"If the president wants to clear reporters from the White House grounds, he clearly has the authority to do that.”

Well, let's see how this war between the CNN and the President ends or will it stay the same?