Home Article Is Kate Mulvany's Disability Preventing The Actress & Husband Hamish Michael From Having Kids?

Is Kate Mulvany's Disability Preventing The Actress & Husband Hamish Michael From Having Kids?

Updated On 09 Feb, 2021 Published On 09 Feb, 2021
Is Kate Mulvany's Disability Preventing The Actress & Husband Hamish Michael From Having Kids?

Aussie actress Kate Mulvany and husband Hamish Michael have been married for more than five years. Mulvany and her spouse, however, are yet to share kids. Nonetheless, the lovebirds are still happily married.

Kate Mulvany Married To Hamish Michael With No Kids

Actress Kate Mulvany who is best known for her roles in The Little Death, The Great Gatsby, and Fighting Season couldn't be happier to share her marital bliss with her beloved husband, Hamish Michael, an actor known for his roles in Crownies.

Actress Kate Mulvany and husband Hamish Michael poses for a picture. SOURCE: Pinterest

Mulvany and husband Michael also worked together on The Great Gatsby co-starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire where they got to know each other well. After dating for several years, Mulvany and Michael eventually got engaged and tied the knot.

The Hunters actress and Michael held an intimate wedding ceremony on 7th July 2015 by inviting super close friends and family only. And, five years later, Mulvany and her partner are still going stronger without any extramarital affairs and other troubles.

But, the Geraldton born actor and her partner are yet to start a family of their own. As of February 2021, the husband and wife do not share any kids. And, it seems like Mulvany and Michael want to wait or hold no intention to have children at the moment.

On the other hand, Mulvany has suffered from a serious illness from a young age. So, is the diagnosis the reason that's preventing the actress from having kids?

Kate Mulvany Suffered Renal Cancer & Spinal Disability

While luck has favored the actress Kate Mulvany with her movie career, the same can not be said about her health. Unfortunately, Mulvany has had bad health since she was just an infant. At just two years old, Mulvany suffered from Wilms's tumor aka renal cancer.

As per the doctor's research, it was found out that Mulvany's cancer was influenced by his father, Danny Mulvany, a Vietnam war veteran who was exposed to Agent Orange. But, Mulvany was a fighter and battled cancer strongly, and she won too.

On the other hand, Mulvany is also diagnosed with a real-life spinal disability, something she revealed during her performance as Richard III at a play. But, the strong woman fought against her illness and thrives as much as she can.

And, it looks like Mulvany just has no true intention for motherhood in her nearest future. Whatsoever, the actress is one happy woman content with her life.

Mulvany Lost Boyfriend Mark Priestley To Suicide

Meanwhile, her health issues are not the only things that made Kate Mulvany the strong woman she is today. The actress has seriously been through the toughest situations that one can only imagine.

Mulvany previously dated actor Mark Priestley. But in late August 2008, the actress lost his precious boyfriend who had suffered from depression from 2007 to suicide after he jumped from the Sydney-based Swissotel Hotel at around 2 pm.

Kate Mulvany was in a relationship with her late boyfriend Mark Priestley who died in 2008. SOURCE: Instagram

Mulvany who had checked into the hotel for a room with the fake name 'Damien Barker' was spotted lying dead on the awning by the cops. According to Mulvany, her deceased partner was hospitalized and had even begged the doctors to not release him before.

The Secret City star attended her boyfriend's funeral at Perth's Holy Family Catholic Church and later said that burying her partner at such a young age of 30 was something she never expected she would do.

At the time, there were also rumors that Mulvany and Priestley's break up was one of the reasons behind the late promising actor's death. But, Mulvany denied the claims. Mark, apparently, wanted to do better in life and gave his best, but as things didn't work out as he had planned, he suffered a heavy mental health crisis.

It's been more than twelve years since Priestley's passing, but the actor still fondly remains in Kate's memories.

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