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Kate Winslet's Son Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes, Detail About Their Parents

Updated On 18 Sep, 2021 Published On 17 Sep, 2021
Kate Winslet's Son Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes, Detail About Their Parents

Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes is better known as the eldest son of American actress Kate Winslet, whom she shares with ex-husband Sam Mendes. Here are the details you should know about his beloved parents.

Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes - All Details on His Family

Born on December 22, 2003, Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes is the adorable son of actress Kate Winslet. Kate is a Hollywood celebrity famous worldwide for the romantic blockbuster Titanic. Kate shares Joe with her ex-husband Sam Mendes. Both of Joe's parents remains very supportive of him.

Kate Winslet with her former husband, Sam Mendes. SOURCE: Instagram(kate.Winslet.official)

Well, Joe's father, Sir Samuel Alexander Mendes, is an award-winning film director & actor for American Beauty, 1917, and Skyfall. Samuel was, infact, Kate's third man. In the past, Sam offered a movie role to Kate when during their first encounter which she refused.

During a vacation in Dec 2003, Sam & Kate got hitched out of the blue. The two wed on the British Island of Anguilla. It is rumored that they tied the knot under pressure as Kate was pregnant with Sam's child. The pair were together for almost two decades before they separated ways. The reason behind this separation is still undisclosed.

Kate Winslet with her son Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes. SOURCE: Pinterest

Precisely, in 2011, the couple decided to finalize the divorce and were officially not legally together anymore. Following the divorce, both the parties moved on with life. Joe with his mother moved to the city of England.

Kate Winslet - Past Marriages & Children

Speaking about Joe's mum, the actress herself has been married thrice. Kate's chemistry with her first husband, Jim Threapleton, started building after the two first met on a movie set. Kate walked down the aisle with Jim, an actor, in 1998.

Kate Winslet with her son Joe Alife Mendes & daughter Mia Winslet. SOURCE: Pinterest

Sadly, Jim & Kate announced their divorce in 2001. It is still not known what causes the pair to part ways. However, the former couple says Winslet was very busy with work, and it influenced family life negatively.

Check out the video of Kate Winslet's family.

Nonetheless, together with her first husband, Jim Threapleton, Kate welcomed a daughter & half-sibling of Joe, Mia Honey Threapleton. Joe is also a big brother to Bear Blaze Winslet, the son of Kate and her third and current husband, Edward Abel Smith, aka Ned Rocknroll

All in all, Sam Mendes' son Joe Mendes who lives with his gorgeous mother Kate, shares an unbreakable mother-son bonding with her movie star. Kate, despite a busy schedule, is doing a great job raising her adorable kids.

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