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Things You Never Knew About Kathryn Adams - The Fourth Wife Of Rush Limbaugh

Updated On 24 Feb, 2021 Published On 24 Feb, 2021
Things You Never Knew About Kathryn Adams - The Fourth Wife Of Rush Limbaugh

Kathryn Adams instantly got trended online after the death of the millionaire radio host and political commentator, Rush Limbaugh. But, there are just so many eyebrow-raising stories about Kathryn and her marriage with Limbaugh.

Kathryn Adams Was Married To Rush Limbaugh

Event planner Kathryn Adams is best known for being the fourth wife of political commentator and radio host, the controversial Rush Limbaugh who bagged a net worth of more than $600 million.

Kathryn Adams and husband Rush Limbaugh share an age difference of 26 years old. SOURCE: Pinterest

Kathryn and Rush shared an age difference of 26 years, but that couldn't stop them from falling in love and getting married. But, Kathryn and Rush share some of the most eye-popping marriages and stories, to say the least.

Speaking of which, Rush met Adams at a golf party which was, of course, organized by Kathryn in 2004. However, Limbaugh was married to his third wife, Marta Fitzgerald at the time. Thus, it's safe to say, the romance didn't instantly spark right away.

Not to mention, Limbaugh then dated CNN news anchor Daryn Kagan for two years from 2004 until 2006, after Rush and Marta divorced. And, it was only after that, it was confirmed the host of The Rush Limbaugh Show was then romantically dating the party planner.

So, in 2010, Kathryn wed Rush as his fourth wife in a lavish wedding ceremony where they hired Sir Elton John for $1 million, though, the radio host later denied about the paycheck.

Did Kathryn Adams Cheat On Rush With Young Men?

As a wife of a famous public figure, it was not possible for Kathryn Adams Limbaugh to escape from rumors and media scrutiny. And, one of the major shocking news that had people's jaw dropped on the floor was when it was reported that Kathryn was cheating on Rush.

Kathryn Adams and her late husband Rush Limbaugh pictured together. SOURCE: Pinterest

But, what makes the matter even more extraordinary is the fact that Kathryn had been secretly seeing young and even married men behind her husband. Not to mention, Rush was also reported to have been suspicious of his wife's affair too.

Limbaugh's close representative, however, denied the allegations. But, Kathryn and her husband Rush never got divorced though. As a matter of fact, after Rush's death from lung cancer in February 2021. it was Kathryn who announced the news.

Will Kathryn Inherit Rush's Million Dollar Properties?

Although Rush Limbaugh was vocal about marriage and the responsibility of raising kids together as a husband and wife, he never became a father to children from any of his wives. Likewise, Adams and Limbaugh also shared no children.

And, it looks like most of Limbaugh's wealth will be inherited by Kathryn. The couple who lived in a currently worth $50 million mansion in Florida will also definitely be acquired by Kathryn.

But, Kathryn also made money from writing and publishing children's books along with her deceased husband. The books also absolutely earned them a large royalty percentage as they became New York Times bestselling works.

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