Two people coming together for the same cause and eventually getting married is one of the most followed love stories. Animator matching with an Animator seems like a creative pair.

If you're a regular viewer of the online animated series, Game Grumps, then surely the name, Suzy Berhow, rings a bell.

She married her long-term boyfriend and founder of the show, Arin Hanson in 2013. Let's see their love story and find out how it all began.

Suzy and Arin-Matching The Criteria

Finding a better half, who shares the same ambition and helps you grow further and further is a quite difficult. But lucky for Suzy, she married a person whom she feels just like we talked about above.


Suzy and Arin wed in an Animated themed marriage surrounded by friends and family, Source: Tumblr

The pair met each other while working for the show Game Grumps. Both of them are a professional animator and seems their profession was an important catalyst for their relationship.

Suzy is a series regular and often lends her voice to multiple characters. The series aired its first episode on July 18, 2012, and since has become a vital part of people daily lives.

Both of them started dating and moved in together. After a little while, they finally tied the knot on October 24th, 2013. 

The bride wore a beautiful white gown with laces, whereas the groom looked dapper in a custom tuxedo, Source: Game Grumps

One of the best things about their relationship is that both of them knows how to make one another laugh. Whenever one of them feels down, another one knows how to handle the situation.

Children Between Them

It's been over 4-years since their marriage and the pair isn't ready for any big responsibility just yet. Both of them are young and they'll be savoring their precious time and enjoy while they can.

Suzy and Arin attending the YouTube Awards in Downtown, Manhattan, Source: Delonghi

Although, they must have thought about increasing their family but regardless of the fact, there aren't any children between them just as yet.

The duo is quite secretive when it comes to talk or show off their relationship. There aren't many pictures of the pair on the Internet and Suzy is quite shy to share any pictures of her with husband, Arin.

Well, we certainly hope they stay like this for many years to come and wish to hear some good news soon. And when the time comes, you know where to come to find out information regarding their marriage life.

Quick facts about Suzy Berhow


  • Born on July 3, 1989, in Orlando, FL.
  • Her mother and father raised her in a small suburb of Orlando.
  • She attended a local high school in Orlando.
  • Her interest in animation grew after she graduated her college.
  • She runs two channel in YouTube Mortem3r and Kitty Kat gaming.
  • She is the former member of Polarisgo, along with Mark Fischbach.

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