Home Article Know about the pretty Girlfriend of Russell Howard. The Couple is Dating for a long time and Might get Married soon

Know about the pretty Girlfriend of Russell Howard. The Couple is Dating for a long time and Might get Married soon

Updated On 03 Apr, 2020 Published On 16 May, 2017
Know about the pretty Girlfriend of Russell Howard. The Couple is Dating for a long time and Might get Married soon

The best thing about English movies is their talented comedians. Lee Evans, John Cleese, Bill Bailey, Simon Pegg; their names resonate laughter and giggles every time we see them.

Among them, there's one person, a versatile actor and a radio presenter too, Russell Howard who's best known for his TV show Russell Howard's Good News.

This young comedian and actor are doing pretty well with his career and personal life. He is not only funny but a happy guy as he has a lovely girlfriend with whom he lives together in London.

So, if you want to know all the details about this actor's love life, stay with us.


Is Russell Howard and wife Cerny Morgan still together?

Russell Howard is living sound life with Cerny Morgan, an NHS geriatric doctor who recently took a sabbatical from her job to go traveling. Howard and Morgan who have been hitched for ten months are spending quality time for the sake of a self-quarantine cause of coronavirus pandemic 2020.

At present, the medical student and her spouse reside in Primrose, London with their dogs. On 31 March 2020, Cerny tweeted a video of socially distant dancing on the road amidst lockdown due to Covid-19. Similarly, the fitness enthusiast shared her message to public on covid-19. She writes:

Get the fuck back in your houses... people are dying! Be nice to the frontline staff they are having a really really hard time with a broken heart emoji.

Russell once explained in an interview with Telegraph, why he likes to keep a relationship out of the media limelight, Russell said:

"I'd rather not speak about her because she has a proper job and I am a clown".

Speaking of personal life, Morgan prefers to keep their private life low key but never lags behind showing love to her pet, Arch.

Russel Howard Relationship Status

The Radio Presenter, Russel Howard is happily married to his sweetheart turned life partner, Cerys Morgan since June 2019. Prior to the wedding, Howard announced he would be walking down the aisle in mid-2019.

English-actor confirmed his marriage on Alan Carr's Christmas Cracker in 2018 Christmas Day. Howard lives with his wife Cerys and their pet, A Jack Russell Terrier in Camden, London. Assuming the duo's love-Dovey relationship, there are fewer signs for a couple to go through a divorce. 

Howard and Morgan prefer traveling and spend quality time together rather than getting busy with their jobs all the time. All in all, the lovers are united as a life partner for four months now; they're soon planning to extend a family member in upcoming days.

English comedian, Russell Howard's Relationship with girlfriend Cerys Morgan

The Mock The Week comic star, Russell Howard is dating his longtime girlfriend named Cerys Morgan and the couple is happier than ever.

Famous English comedian, Russell Howard at a red carpet event
Source: Express

Cerys is a medical student and a registered doctor who lives in Primrose Hill, London. In an interview with BirminghamMail.co.uk, Russell revealed how he and his lovely girlfriend ended updating together.

Russell Howard's girlfriend Cerys Morgan with dog Archie. Source: Twitter

Their story dates back when both were just teenagers and Cerys was Russell's friend's little sister. They met at a Venture Scout Disco. Russell was just 21 when he first saw the beautiful Cerys and was spellbound with her charm and beauty.

Eventually, both started seeing each other which became quite a problem as his friend was against their relationship, but it worked out soon.

He further added, 

“In fact, I’m an usher at my friend's wedding next year. We'll be family real soon."

And when asked whether he has plans to tie the knots he replied quoting,

“I hope so, at some point. I haven’t actually asked her yet, though.”

Despite his popularity and success, Russell prefers to live in Warwickshire town,  away from the city with his girlfriend and their favorite dog, named Archie.


With the legendary @marniethedog in New York | Russell Howard and Mum: USA Road [email protected]

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He revealed that he really respects what his girlfriend does for a living. He quoted,

"Being a doctor is a proper job and you have to respect that. I just write jokes for a living. you can’t say what I do is a job.

"It’s nice to be going out with someone who’s doing such an inspirational, worthwhile job. Not that she’s very sympathetic to me – I’m a massive hypochondriac, always complaining about some ailment or other, but she just ignores me."

He also stated that he loves living in the Midlands, playing for the local football team, the Cricketers Reserves and he wants to settle down soon. So we know guys what you're thinking. Are they planning to get married? Yes! 


However, Russell has not made any announcements and we hope it will be any time sooner.

Know More About Russell Howards

Born (23 March 1980 )and raised in Bristol, England, the 39-year-old stand-up comedian, and radio presenter is the son of father David Howard and mother Ninette Howard. He has two siblings, sister Kerry Howard who's a popular English actress and brother Daniel Howard.

Russell with his mother (L) Ninette Howard and sister Kerry Howard(R).
Source: Pinterest

The winner of Best Compere Award in 2006, Howard rose to fame with his Edinburgh Festival Fringe Show.

Here's Russell Howard on The Big Issue:

This handsome Russell Howard Show on BBC went to Perkins School in New Alresford and Alton College in Hampshire and graduated from the University of the West of England in Bristol in 2003.

 Russell Howard in a photoshoot
Source: Culturefly

 His passion for comedy and acting transformed to reality when he did his first gig at Jester's comedy club in Bristol.

After a number of performances, the audience loved him and eventually he stepped on media industry with his first comedy series, a radio show The Milk Run in 2004.

He grabbed another opportunity to host the popular show, Mock the Week and also co-hosted The Russell Howard Show on BBC with co-host and comedian Jon Richardson.

Russell with co-host Jon Richardson behind the screens of their show.
Source: Novastream

Later on, he became a global star when he made his first American TV debut by appearing in an episode of the hit late-night talk show, Conan and also in Never Mind the Buzzcocks.

In 2015, he even got his own show, Russell Howard's Stand Up Central that was broadcasted on Comedy Central and it still continues to entertain the audience. 


He made an appearance in popular American talk shows including The Tonight Show Starring Jimm Fallon. Furthermore, he did a stand-up tour called Wonderbox since February 2014.  He solely earned 4 million pounds in 2009 with his shows and tours.

Now, he's all set to do his fifth stand-up tour from February to July 2017, titled as Round the World, which will cover UK, Ireland, Europe, New Zealand, Australia, and America.


My brand new ROUND THE WORLD tour starts TONIGHT. I'm playing 55 cities in 19 different countries... can't wait!

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Well, keeping aside his comedy and tours, we would really like to see him walk down the aisle with his gorgeous girlfriend.

Some Interesting Facts of Russel Howard

  • Russel was a finalist in the "So You Think You're Funny" competition at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
  • Russel Howard garnered a BBC New Comedy Awards in 2001.
  • His sibling Kerry Howard is an actress.
  • Russel mostly uses comedy as a platform to raise sociocultural issues like self-harm, homelessness, and sexism.
  • Russel wrote and performed in the 2005 Comedy show: Edinburgh and Beyond alongside Russel Kane and Ray Peacock.
  • Russel Howard's first big break include comedy series The Milk Run.
  • Howard has raised sponsorship of over  £1 million from Marathon.


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