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Lindsay Mills; Girlfriend of Edward Snowden; Know about the Controversial Couple of America

Updated On 27 Aug, 2018 Published On 10 Oct, 2017

Lindsay Mills is living a happy life with her longtime boyfriend Edward Snowden. They have been in the spotlight for many years.

Lindsay Mills; the former ballet dancer and a world traveler rose to fame after her boyfriend Edward Snowden in the year 2013 exposed the private techniques that the National security Agency used to gather information of the millions of Americans.

The couple dated for about nine years. They are currently residing in Russia. They moved to Russia when Snowden was charged under the 1917 Espionage Act. They became so popular that even a movie was made based on their story 'Citizenfour' played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley. Let us find out more about this controversial couple of America in today's section!!!!

Lindsay Mills: Her Relationship with Boyfriend Edward Snowden

Mills and her boyfriend Swowden started dating back in 2008 and used to reside in Hawaii before Snowden; a computer professional and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee became a national news. 

Edward rose to fame at a sudden in 2013 when he exposed the classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA) without authority.

Edward Snowden and Lindsay Mills
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Snowden than decided to leave the country and headed to Russia and guess who decided to go with him and support him; his girlfriend Mills.    

The couple is still living their life in Russia and has been intimate for almost 8 years. Mills was last seen when she attended the 2015 Oscars and appeared onstage for the promotion of the documentary 'Citizenfour'.

You can see the two enjoying their company. Simply, they look like made for each other, aren't they? Cozying up on Valentine's Day is quite special.

Mills celebrated her 33rd birthday on 26 June 2018 and no doubt the pair celebrated the day quite a romantic way. Just see the lipstick on his cheek!

As the couple is going on so serious in their love life we wish them all the very best for their life ahead.

Lindsay Mills Was Unaware About Snowden's Whistleblowing Plan

Although the pair were living together in Hawaii for many years, Mills stated that she was completely blindsided by Snowden's plans.

Snowden later told the filmmakers of Citizenfour that all he did was with an aim to protect Mills and his family.

His revelation included numerous surveillance programs run by NSA and the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance working with European government and several telecommunication companies.

Here is the video of Snowden discussing his girlfriend and her struggles to live in Russia. 

He was later charged by the U.S. Department of Justice on 21 June 2013 violating the Espionage Act of 1917 and stealing the government property.

Quick Facts about Lindsay Mills

Source: Heavy
  • Was a dedicated acrobat-slash-dancer for the Waikiki Acrobatic Troupe.
  • Was a former ballet dancer.
  • Completed her graduation from the Maryland Institute College of Artin 2007.
  • Also studied at Laurel High School in 2003.
  • Is an active blogger and often spoke up about her relationship with Snowden.
  • She also attended the 2015 Academy Awards on behalf of Citizenfour.
  • She once called herself a "world-traveling, pole dancing superhero."

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