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Meet Lorie Campbell - Wife Of Actor Paul Campbell

Updated On 13 Oct, 2020 Published On 13 Oct, 2020
Meet Lorie Campbell - Wife Of Actor Paul Campbell

Lorie Campbell might not be well known to the world, but her last name will definitely make everyone feel familiar. But, nope, Lorie isn't related to the food processing company, aka the Campbell Soup Company. Well, she is the beloved life partner of actor Paul Campbell.

Lorie Campbell & Husband Paul Campbell Married Since 2009

Yes, the not so secretive Lorie Campbell is the loyal wife of the Canadian Hallmark actor, Paul Campbell who has romanced many women in movies and show. But, when it involves his offscreen life, he has his eyes set for only one woman, none other than his beautiful significant half, wife Lorie.

Lorie Campbell is the wife of actor Paul Campbell. SOURCE: Instagram

Lorie and Paul have been together for almost two decades which is very impressive considering the fact that people involved in the movie industry rarely has long lasting marriages. But, clearly, Lorie and Paul, are still here together and fought against together everything life threw at them.

In addition, it was in 2004 during their early twenties when Lorie and Paul fell in love. And, despite Paul's then-budding career that turned into a successful one as an actor, the love birds still didn't give up on each other. But, as they say, when true love and intention are involved, nothing can come in between.

Lorie's then-boyfriend popped the question after he realized she was the one and the only woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Lorie and her boyfriend turned husband happily married in June 2029 in the presence of their close friends and family members.

Lorie Campbell and her husband, Paul Campbell renewed their wedding vows in 2012. SOURCE: Instagram

And, it seems like Mr and Mrs Campbell wanted to celebrate their matrimony union again in a grand celebration as these two renewed their marital vows two years later in 2012. And, unlike their first wedding, the second was a big one with many guests invited.

Lorie and her legal spouse are still together and married to this day in 2020 which means they have been married for eleven years but together for sixteen years. Aw.

Lorie Campbell & Husband Paul Are Parents 

Truly, Lorie Campbell and the love of her life couldn't be more blessed with life as the two became parents to their precious child in 2016. Lorie and Paul didn't rush into to start their family and waited for long years.

A perfect family of three, Lorie Campbell and his husband Paul and son Kingston Campbell. SOURCE: Instagram

Paul's wife conceived their first child in 2015 and gave birth to him in July 2016. They named their first and only child, Kingston Campbell who turned four in 2020. He is blessed with the gorgeous features of his mother and father.

In fact, Lorie and her spouse also often share their child's snaps on social media for their fans. Not to mention, the couple already created a YouTube and other social media pages for Kingston. But, it's Lorie and Paul who manage those accounts.

And, when Paul is busy with acting, his wife takes care of their son. Campbell isn't an actor as she is an avid surfer and someone who is strongly into spirituality. The family of three happily reside in Canada.

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