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Irene Bedard Suffered Abuse & Career Destruction; Divorced With A Son

Updated On 09 Mar, 2021 Published On 13 Feb, 2020
Irene Bedard Suffered Abuse & Career Destruction; Divorced With A Son

No matter what one goes through, there's always light at the end of the tunnel, even if it takes years to find that light.

What is even more shocking is the fact that not many of the people including the ones in Hollywood are aware of the fact and the truth of the Alaskan native and the actress; Irene Bedard's abuse, she suffered at the hand of her own husband, someone who was supposed to be her main support system and strength.

Suffering of Irene Bedard; Her Husband was a Devil in Disguise

The Alaskan native rose to quick fame for voicing the dynamic and lively Disney's princess, Pocahontas that a lot of young girls looked upto as their superhero and inspiration, in 1995. Ironically, Bedard's life was nothing as legendary as the character she portrayed.

Pocahontas actress Irene Bedard pictured with her son, Quinn Wilson and his father, Deni Wilson. SOURCE: Pinterest

It's equally devastating and enraging that women like Irene's happiness and promising Hollywood career were ruined by none other than her own husband, Deni Wilson, a musician whom she wed in 1993 and shares a son named Quinn Wilson, born in 2003.

In the peak of their relationship, Bedard and Wilson had formed a band called Irene Bedard and Deni and even toured across the country. Sadly, the truth behind the curtain was something else, something deeply horrifying and saddening.

Irene Bedard was the one who voiced the iconic Pocahontas. SOURCE: Pinterest

It was later learned through statements and letters shared by Bedard's family that the Into the West star was abused physically, mentally and sexually by Mr. Wilson. What is even sadder is the fact that the actress suffered throughout their marriage for seventeen years, for nearly two decades.

Not only did Wilson Abused Bedard but also Controlled her Career & Money

In a letter written by Bedard's niece, Alia Davis, she shared that Irene was only allowed to work for films and shows which were favorable to Wilson. And, without his permission, Bedard wasn't accepting any roles.

Additionally, a lot of the times, the scars and marks of the wounds left by Wilson's constant abuse were so visible to the people at her work that it often led her to be disbanded from the roles since the filmmakers didn't allow her to work with bruises on her body.

Wilson didn't allow the actress to work without his presence on the set of the films and would even follow Bedard at work. This was also something that highly bothered the film crew members who seemingly didn't want him there.

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Not to mention, Bedard's earning and finance were all controlled by Wilson and shamelessly took the money she made from working. And, after her health reached the point where she couldn't function well, her doctors, unaware of Bedard's abuse stories began testing her for cancer.

Irene Bedard was emotionally, sexually and physically abused by her former husband, Deni Wilson. SOURCE: Disney Expo

What made Irene stay with her abusive husband was only because of her young son. It was only after seventeen years of enduring the abuse in 2010, Irene decided to escape from the scenarios of domestic violence along with her son, who was seven years at the time.

Bedard's Battle with the Court should Leave You Furious

Bedard and her son moved from Ohio to Alaska where the rest of her family lived. And, only after she developed the courage with the support of her family, she filed for divorce and lawsuits against Wilson. As a matter of fact, it was only after her court battle, her stories came to the light of the public.

Irene Bedard talks about domestic violence at the Evening of Stories, Alaska. SOURCE: Tripp

Sure, she got rid of her abusive husband, but what came out as the result from the court battle was far from anything that led to satisfaction and happiness to the victim and her family. What happened was Bedard's lawyers' weakness that failed to win the case on the behalf of truth.

Because the court decision led Bedard to apply the rule of compliance meaning that Wilson didn't face any punishment as he accused his wife of lying since there wasn't any visible evidence of the abuse. The worst was yet to come.

Bedard had to immediately leave Alaska and fly to Ohio where Wilson lived, to face the court. And, if she hadn't, she would have been jailed. Not to mention, Wilson was even granted the custody of their son.

Nearly a decade later, to this day, the Indian American woman is still yet to speak of her abuse stories to the public. But Bedard has worked with several organizations that raise awareness on domestic violence.

We truly hope Irene Bedard overcame her traumatic past and continues to inspire more women and Native Americans.

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