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Maisy Biden; Loving Grandchild Of Former VP Joe Biden

Updated On 11 Sep, 2020 Published On 11 Sep, 2020
Maisy Biden; Loving Grandchild Of Former VP Joe Biden

As a daughter of politician Hunter Biden, Maisy Biden has been in the limelight since her grandfather became the Vice President of the United States. And here are some of the intriguing facts of the possible future politician.

Maisy Biden Turned 19 In 2020

The granddaughter of Joe Biden, Maisy Biden was welcomed by her parents, father Hunter Biden, and mother Kathleen Biden in 2001 which currently makes her 19 in 2020. She is among the two other children of her parents including sisters, Finnegan Biden and Naomi Biden.

Maisy's grandfather, Joe Biden, was confirmed a nominee in the Presidential election race representing the Democratic Party. And, in an interview, Maisy along with her siblings and cousin Natalie Biden revealed they had urged Joe to take part in the race.

On the other hand, Maisy like any young family member belonging to powerful politicians is supposed to keep her personal life matter private from the public. Thus, she refrained from sharing on social media and has them on private mode too.

Maisy Biden Went To School With Sasha Obama

It would be no surprise that the kids of former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden don't share a close bond. Maisy, likewise, in addition, is very close with the daughters of Obama including Malia Obama & Sasha Obama but treats them as her own family.

Maisy Biden and Sasha Obama attended the same school. SOURCE: Essence

In fact, Maisy and Sasha went and graduated from the same school at Washington based Sidwell Friends School in 2019. Maisy and Sasha are also often spotted together traveling and at events having fun.

As of 2020, Maisy is a college student pursuing a degree in law. Her other sisters too attended law school to follow the footsteps of their family. Currently, she is also single without boyfriend rumors.

Father Of Maisy Biden Dated Her Aunt Haille Biden

There have been many deaths in the Biden family including the one in December 1972 before Christmas, Maisy Biden lost her paternal grandmother Neilia Biden and infant aunt, Naomi Biden in an accident. Her father Hunter Biden and uncle Beau Biden luckily survived but were injured.

A family picture of Maisy Biden with her family. SOURCE: Instagram

However, uncle Beau died from a brain tumor in 2015. And, after his death, Maisy's father and her aunt Haille Biden, the widow wife of her uncle Beau became closer and dated for a few years before they split in late 2017.

After Hunter and Maisy's mother, Kathleen Buhle divorced, her father then seemingly dated Haille. Maisy's parents were only married for more than two decades before they separated in 2015.

Today, Hunter is married to his second wife, Maisy's step-mother, Melissa Cohen, with whom he shares a son. Maisy also shares a half-sibling from her father's previous relationship with a mysterious woman.

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