It seems like one of the greatest Presidents of America who reigned the country for eight years, former President Barack Obama is soon to be getting a son-in-law!

Confused? Well, the explanation is right here! Malia Obama, the eldest daughter of ex-President Obama and Michelle Obama, was spotted kissing a tall blonde mystery handsome man at the annual Harvard-Yale game!

The duo looked pretty close, and it seemed that they were having a lot of fun together. Let's dig into further details about her!

Malia Obama; Daughter of the former president Barack Obama Caught Kissing a Mystery Man             

The 19-year-old Malia Obama was caught locking lips with a mystery man during the annual Harvard-Yale Game. The incident captured eyes of everyone as Malia was seen looking pretty comfortable and close to that man.

Malia Obama was caught kissing a mystery man at the Harvard-Yale game on Saturday | Source: TMZ

Yale hosted the face-off, and Harvard students decamped down the New Haven to tailgate at Yales' campus before the game, and during that time, she was spotted with a mysterious blonde guy.

They were seen hugging each other before going in for a kiss. And now various sources have confirmed that Malia is already dating in her first years of college.

Malia is smoking what appears to be a cigarette | Source: TMZ

She was also smoking a cigarette during the tailgate festivity, and the man who wore a red long-sleeved Harvard T-shirt and black jeans was constantly smiling and talking with Malia.

Malia Obama was also spotted smoking | Source: Getty Images

In a 2016's interview, Barack revealed that both Malia and Sasha(younger daughter) had already started dating and he was 'pretty relaxed" because they've managed a Secret Service Protection for his girls.

Well, it's about time she reveals who she's dating and who knows we might even get to see a big marvelous wedding!

Malia Obama; Quick Facts

Source: Getty Images
  • Born and raised in Chicago, United States, Malia Obama is a young activist, a Harvard student and the eldest daughter of former President Barack Obama.
  • Went to one of the prestigious schools, Sidwell Friends School and completed high school there.
  • She's now studying in Harvard University
  • She's allergic to pet danders but loves dogs and supports shelter homes for dogs.
  • She's a huge fan of soccer.
  • Knows piano and tennis and has also studied Drama.
  • Knows Spanish and gets a secret service of driving that allows her to go where ever she wants as a normal person.
  • She had also interned at U.S. Embassy in Spain when she took a gap year after college in summer 2016.
  • She was spotted at the Sundance Film Festival while screening the film Beach Rats and Michelle stated that Malia had interest in filmmaking.
  • Was caught smoking which appeared to be a joint during Lollapalooza where Malia was wearing the smoking-kills T-shirt.
  • She's visited South America that allowed her to work in a film.