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Meet Hugh Hefner's Ex-wife Millie Williams: Detail About her Current Status

Updated On 26 Apr, 2022 Published On 26 Apr, 2022
Meet Hugh Hefner's Ex-wife Millie Williams: Detail About her Current Status

If you don't know, Millie Williams is popularized for her marriage. She got hitched for the first time in 1949. And no, it wasn't with Edwin Gunn, as one would guess, but with American magazine publisher Hugh Hefner.

Many fans might not remember that Millie Williams is the ex-wife of the late editor in chief of Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner.

Chicago-born Hefner divorced Millie many years ago. Did she marry anyone again after her split from her beloved husband? Does she share any kids from her married life?

This article will shed light upon Millie, who was catapulted to fame because of her husband.

Millie Williams - Ex-Wife of Hugh Hefner

Millie Williams got hitched to glamour magazine owner Hugh Hefner on June 25, 1949. Both were 22 years old and were college sweethearts at their marriage.

Millie Williams married Hugh Hefner in 1949. SOURCE: Daily Mail

But how and when did the former flame meet? The two were classmates at Northwestern University. They met in their mid-40s while Hugh took a semester of a graduate course in sociology. 

The couple lived together as a husband and wife for around ten years before their romantic relationship turned sour, and they got divorced on 18 March 1959.

What's the Reason for Millie Williams' Divorce?

Millie's end of the marriage was due to their infidelity. Milly had slept with another man while her beau was serving in the US Army during World War II. Before their wedding, Millie admitted to having an affair during his service in the military.

Hugh Hefner left Mildred Williams after knowing she had slept with another man. SOURCE: shared

"That was the most devastating moment in my life," Hefner described after the betrayal he suffered at the hands of his first wife. And the betrayal is believed to lead to his decision to adopt the Playboy lifestyle.

What's more, Hefner previously saved himself for marriage. After divorcing Hugh in 1959, Millie didn't re-marry for the second time until she exchanged vows with Edwin Gunn.

Hugh Hefner with his second wife, Kimberley Conrad and their kids. SOURCE: Journalism- EzineMark

The newly married duo then adopted kids and changed their last name to Gunn. Sadly, her second marriage to Millie couldn't last long; the two parted ways a few years later.

As the ex-wife of Hugh, Mille inherited a good fortune as a part of her divorce settlement. His networth was estimated to be $45 million at his death in 2017.

The spouses of celebrities always remain a matter of interest to many. And not surprisingly, Millie lives a private life away from the media spotlight, leaving fans questioning her whereabouts.

Millie Williams - Mother of Two Children With Hugh

Over their ten-year-long marriage with her ex-husband, Millie Williams had two kids, namely a  daughter Christie Hefner, born on November 8, 1952.

Well, Millie welcomed a second child  David Hefner, on August 30, 1955. Both her kids are well grown up and have successfully chosen their paths.

What's the Cause of Death of Hugh Hefner?

On September 27, 2017, Hugh Hefner, a founder of Playboy magazine, died an honorable death. As per reports, at 91, Hugh died of cardiac arrest at his house in Holmby Hills, LA.

Check out the video on details found in Hugh Hefner's death certificate.

The body of a businessman was buried at Westwood Memorial Park just beside the late Marilyn Monroe. He paid $75,000 back in 1992 to book a spot. He believed spending eternity next to Monroe was an opportunity too sweet to pass up.

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