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Meet The Adorable Stella Shanahan; Child Of Kyle Shanahan & Mandy Shanahan

Published On 13 Jan, 2020
Meet The Adorable Stella Shanahan; Child Of Kyle Shanahan & Mandy Shanahan

Not even twelve years old, but Stella Shanahan, as of 2020, has already won the hearts of thousands of people. Well, after all, she is the daughter of the famous American coach, Kyle Shanahan and his wife, Mandy Shanahan.

On the other side, the young Stella Shanahan might be privileged enough to be born as the child of Mr. Kyle Shanahan, the coach at the San Fransisco 49ers, but not things don't always look great as they tend to, for a celebrity child whose privacy is often exploited to bring them to the limelight. Anyway, here's everything you need to know about the little Stella Shanahan.

Stella Shanahan Was Born In 2012

Well, making the family of three, the cute girl of Kyle and Mandy Shanahan came to the world in 2007, following the two years of his parent's marriage which occurred in July 2005. But, Stella's mom and dad were together for a way long before that.

See a video of Stella's father speaking of his college days.

As a matter of fact, his parents went to study at the same school aka Cherry Creek High School. Moreover, her father happens to be born in Minnesota but grew up in Colorado. And, speaking of her parents' love story which somewhat kicked off from Cherry Creek only began after Mandy graduated the school.

Kyle, however, was a college student at the University of Texas as he was a year senior to Mandy. And even though, the couple began dating, whilst Mandy had also joined the University of Colorado, long-distance relationship challenged their affair.

Stella's parents eventually broke up, but temporarily. Kyle and Mandy reconciled after Stella's grandmother Nancy O'Donnell suffered a stage 4 gall-bladder cancer. And, it was her father who supported Mandy and her ill mother in the unfortunate events of their life.

Stella Shanahan's parents attended the same school. SOURCE: Sanfrancisco Chronicles

Needless to say, it was also after enduring such painful incidents, Stella's parents realized the importance of the other's person in their life and patched up again. Soon after that, the couple reunited and eventually got hitched in their mid-twenties.

The Parents of Stella have been together and stronger ever since.

Stella Has Two Younger Siblings

Even after several years of their married life, Stella's parents were still in love as they were when they first began dating. And, after the birth of her Stella, the couple made the bold decision to enlarge their family bloodline.

Stella Shanahan pictured alongside her mother and two younger siblings. SOURCE: Pinterest

Within the two years of Stella's birth, her parents gave Stella the most precious gift by providing her a sibling. In 2009, Stella's brother, who his father named after rapper Lil Wayne i.e. Carter Shanahan, entered their life.

Additionally, Stella's youngest sibling, likewise, Lexi Louise Shanahan, joined Stella's family on 22nd October 2012.  Stella's parents often bring their eldest child alongside her siblings in the game field.

Mandy and Kyle, however, remain super strict and private to protect identity and privacy including the school of their young children attend to. Whatsoever, Stella enjoys a great life with her family with a aspect of a great future that lies ahead of her.

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