Home Article Meg Oliver of CBS News is Married- Details on her Husband & Kids

Meg Oliver of CBS News is Married- Details on her Husband & Kids

Updated On 01 Jun, 2022 Published On 24 May, 2022
Meg Oliver of CBS News is Married- Details on her Husband & Kids

Meg Oliver is popular because of her anchoring on CBSN. Many of us think that news personalities can't find a balance for their family, but it isn't a true case for Meg as she can't stop gushing about her family.

Meg Oliver is known for being the correspondent of CBS Newpath. She is one of the most influential reporters in the country, and her coverage of a wide variety of news makes her reliable.

Mrs. Oliver finds a balance between her family and professional life with a happy family's greater blessing, who means the world to her. Also, Meg is a loyal wife and supportive mother to her three adorable kids.

John Basinger-  A Loyal Husband of Meg Oliver

Meg Oliver blissfully walked down the aisle with her longer-term soulmate, John Basinger, on October 18, 2002. He is a corporate lawyer, but not much about him has been revealed.

Meg Oliver with her lovely family. SOURCE: Instagram(@megolivertv)

Meg and her husband have been married for over 20 years as of 2022, and we can say Meg is most probably the luckiest woman alive as she's never been a single controversy related to her marriage.

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Handling her hard profession and family can be overwhelming, but Oliver is not worried. Meg and her better half have been sticking to one another ever since, even in tough times.

News anchor Meg Oliver and her kids celebrate the birthday of John Basinger. SOURCE: Instagram(@megolivertv)

The couple is still together, and their married life is blooming every day despite their commitment to their professional career. The family of five enjoys a fair amount of time to visit exotic destinations on the weekends and lives with a white dog.

On her social media platforms, Meg updates her fans about her every single event happening and is leading a life to the fullest. Many fans believe that the news media personality doesnt have a balance between their family life and time for their loved ones, but the outspoken reporter has proven everyone wrong.

The mother of three amazing kids posted an image of her 19 years of togetherness with her spouse on October 22, 2021, with the caption of which reads," Better late than never! Happy 19th Anniversary."

Details on Meg Oliver's Children & Enjoying Married life

Meg Oliver welcomed three children. Meg and her man raise their kids, two sons and a daughter who arrived during their married life. The proud parents gave birth to their first child, a daughter Maria Basinger on August 29, 2006.

News anchor Meg Oliver is the mother of three kids. SOURCE: Instagram(@megolivertv)

The husband and wife pair then welcomed their second kid, Tommy Basinger, on May 9, 2008, who is 13 years old now. Their third and last son, Cormac Basinger, arrived in their world on March 9, 2011.

Each of her children is enrolled in the school and doing pretty well. She's taken good care of her kids, which shows many accomplishments. The love from the children helps their lasting marriage. 

With the lovely blessing from well-wishers, her romantic life is as successful as her professional resume with an experience as a correspondent for The Early Show before leaving CBS in 2009.

Check out the video of Meg Oliver as a co-host of CBS This Morning.

Although Meg is pretty busy with her work, and she rarely gets a time out, whenever she does, the reporter makes sure it'll be a good time with her close ones.

The lady doesnt shy away from sharing a precious moment on her social media sites. As of 2022, Oliver is going great with her professional life. We wish her success in her future family life.

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