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Story Of How Michelle Gomez Met Husband Jack Davenport - Husband & Wife Share A Son

Updated On 03 Jun, 2022 Published On 24 Jan, 2021
Story Of How Michelle Gomez Met Husband Jack Davenport - Husband & Wife Share A Son

When actress Michelle Gomez met Jack Davenport for the first time, she had no idea they would be married one day. But, what's interesting about Gomez and her husband's marriage is that when they first met, the actress was anything but impressed by him.

Michelle Gomez Met Jack Davenport Through A Mutual Friend

Back in 1997, when Michelle Gomez was a single woman, her friend decided to do some fun. Apparently, they wanted to add some spice into Gomez's life and so they set up the Doctor Who actress on a blind date.

Actress Michelle Gomez and her husband Jack Davenport in 2016. SOURCE: Zimbio

And, when Gomez finally agreed to meet up with the guy at a bar in London, she had no idea, it would be fellow actor, Jack Arthur Davenport, with whom she would later spend the rest of her life.

But, the beginning of their love story was nothing like one would imagine as Gomez was not even sure if she liked Davenport at all. As a matter of fact, the Green Wing star thought Davenport was too young for him. Speaking of which, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor is six years younger than Gomez.

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That's not it at all. Gomez even thought Davenport was posh for him. And while Gomez wanted to get rid of Davenport and never see him again, Davenport, on the other hand, was instantly starstruck by the actress.

And, as Jack didn't give up and took a leap of faith and approached Michelle, the man had good luck. Gomez later realized and saw the good in Davenport. Likewise, history speaks itself about Davenport and Gomez's relationship.

Today, Gomez and her boyfriend turned husband have been married for almost 20 years, but together for 23 years. But, hey, who was the mutual friend, Gomez and Davenport owe it all to? He is the great star of The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln.

Michelle Gomez & Jack Davenport Married In 2000

Three years later since they began dating, actress Michelle Gomez and Jack Davenport were not still dating but happily engaged to be married. Gomez and Davenport decided to walk down the aisle in an intimate wedding on 1st May 2000.

A family of three, Michelle Gomez with her husband and son. SOURCE: Pinterest

And, this year in 2021, Gomez will be celebrating the bliss of being married to her husband for 21 years. But, can you guess who was the best man at their private wedding? Yes, you guessed it right. It was the man himself, Andrew Lincoln who united these two.

Looks like, Michelle and Jack made the best decision when they both agreed to go on that blind date. Otherwise, none of it would have happened. And, to add more blessing and happiness to their marriage, God also sent the couple a child into their life.

Well, Gomez and Davenport are proud parents of a son named Harry Davenport whom they welcomed in 2010. However, the actors are super strict about their son's privacy.

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