Mikey Murphy, the famous YouTuber who is famous for his videos, is dating a very beautiful girl. Many of you might vary of his fan followings and it's only plausible that his so called girlfriend is no one but a fan.

His channel has grown in a tremendous way over the past few years and it's obvious he has a lot of female followings. Today on this topic, let's find out if he is in a relationship or not.

Mikey Murphy-Dating his Girlfriend

Celebs have it very difficult if they are spotted with someone people will think it's too good to be true and they are not dating, despite the fact that the celebrity is really dating.

Mikey is currently dating fellow YouTuber Griffin

Mikey is facing the same situation as due to his lot of female fans, people think the girl he has been adding photos with on his Instagram account is not his girlfriend.

The people who are saying this are generally females as they don't want their cutie pie to be another girl.


I get to see her tonight & I am very excited.

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The pair was dating for a long time and many of you might know the name the identity of his girlfriend. Her name is Griffin Arnlund and she is also a famous YouTuber.

At first, Mikey used to share a lot of photos together but these days we are not seeing photos of them. Many people are speculating that the couple is now separated.

We cannot put the stamp on this speculation as no one can be so sure if they are really no longer together. Maybe the duo wants to keep a low profile for now.


Pool hair? + my girl

A post shared by Michael Murphy (@itsmikeymurphy) on

One more thing to put the speculation to the rest, Mikey has refrained from deleting any pictures of them together which means they are still in a good relationship.

Well, the pair is still together for now and their relationship is still going strong. They look so cute together and we would hate to see them fall apart. 

Quick facts Mikey Murphy

  • Born on May 12, 1998, in New Jersey.
  • He is the son of Michael and Monica.
  • He has younger sister Sydney.
  • He is well versed in Karate.
  • He started making Vine videos and became famous.
  • He earned more than 50, 000 Followers.
  • He created his YouTube channel in 2013.
  • He became famous from his YouTube channel.
  • His channel has over 1.3 million followers.

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